Shrida Ubud, A Nice Place to Eating Out in Ubud

IMG-Shrida Ubud, A Nice Place to Eating Out in Ubud

Shrida Ubud, A Nice Place to Eating Out in Ubud – When visiting Bali, you have to visit Ubud, a city located in the southeast part of the island. With beautiful terraced paddies, green rainforest around, shrines and temples where the locals pray, and even some monkeys if you’re lucky, Ubud is a nice city to stroll around.

Enjoying the calm, quiet and peaceful part of Bali will be even better while eating good food in a good restaurant. And that place you’re looking for is called Shrida Ubud, a nice place to eating out in Ubud where all of your five senses will be complimented.

The Artistic Approach

Shrida Ubud is specifically designed to combine the art both in food and interiors. The delicious foods and beverages will be presented artistically, while you will enjoy the luxury interior where the decorations, flowers, and even lighting have been carefully designed to please your eyes.

This artistic approach is the commitment from the owner, Srihadi Soedarsono, one of the legendary painters in Indonesia who believes it’s about finding a balance in the beauty of humans and our sense of art, culture, and food. With live music entertaining your ears, Shrida Ubud is a nice place to eating out in Ubud and will entertain all five of your senses.

A Great Place to Share

Shirda Ubud has a wide variety of menu from Indonesian, Balinese and Western cuisines. You can enjoy the famous Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng with Shrida’s unique touch, Soto both with beef and chicken, even the iconic Rendang from West Sumatra.

Shrida is an Ubud Balinese restaurant where delicious Balinese dishes are available such as Kakap Putih Mekukus or the famous Ayam Betutu. You can also celebrate the Balinese culture of sharing a meal by ordering Megibung where you can enjoy 7 courses of Balinese dishes with 3 different types of sambals, appetizers, and soups.

Not only great to share time and food, Shrida Ubud is also a great place to share a conversation. On the second floor, you can find our beautiful bar where you can talk with your family, friends or romantic partners while enjoying the best selections of wine and cocktails.

With artistic approach in food and interiors, wide varieties of delicious yet beautiful dishes, and live music, Shrida Ubud is a must visit place to eating out in Ubud to complete your vacation in Bali.

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