Exploring 4 Special Menus At Shrida Ubud Restaurant

IMG-Exploring 4 Special Menus At Shrida Ubud Restaurant

Exploring 4 Special Menus At Shrida Ubud Restaurant – Shrida Ubud is one of the popular Ubud city center restaurants you should visit. This Ubud Balinese restaurant offers a variety of foods and beverages. Check the information about the menu in the restaurant below. Then, you can’t wait to go to the restaurant and enjoy your favorite menu. 


This restaurant has at least 3 different salads on its menu. For example, you can try Pomelo Salad. The professional chef combines lettuce, mango, cucumber, tomato, and other fresh ingredients on the plate. 

The thing that makes this salad special is the use of Balinese oranges. There is also Caesar Salad. This salad is a perfect option for egg lovers. You are about to taste a poached egg, romaine leaves, and chicken mixed well in your mouth. 

The chef chose organic vegetables for this menu. The anchovy dressing will make the taste even stronger. In case you want to taste the local salad, try Gado-Gado. The combination of vegetables and peanut sauce seems to be addictive. 


It seems incomplete if you don’t try the signature appetizer when visiting one of the recommended Ubud city center restaurants. Shrida Ubud Restaurant proudly presents Balinese Tuna Tartare. Imagine the taste of fresh tuna, along with long beans, and parmesan in your mouth. 

The taste will be a little bit different and kicking because of the Balinese yellow paste. Vegans should order vegetable summer rolls. It is a simple mixed vegetable rolled in rice pepper. Yet, it makes your mouth fresh and your stomach full enough. 

Main Course 

The taste of Indonesian vegetable curry from this restaurant will be memorable. You are about to have yummy yellow curry on the table. This curry consists of baby green, carrot, mushroom, and cauliflower. 

Remember! Enjoying this menu will be incomplete without a bowl of steamed rice. Mie Goreng Shrida or Shrida fried noodles is another special menu item you must try when enjoying meals at Shrida Ubud Restaurant. A plate of Shrida fried noodles is served with chicken satay, shredded egg, and vegetables. Spicy lovers should try the special sambal known as sambal ulek. 

Sweet Temptation 

Make yourself happier while in Ubud by enjoying the sweet temptation of this restaurant. You can choose a variety of sweet desserts, including chocolate cake, chocolate fondant, and tape cheesecake. 

As one of the best Ubud city center restaurants, Shrida Ubud Restaurant tries to serve the best menu for its guests. The team in the kitchen prepares high-quality ingredients to get the optimal flavor from all menus. Best of all, you will have memorable foods in Ubud instead of the wonderful views and

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