3 Gastronomic Meals You Must Try At Shrida Ubud Restaurant

IMG-3 Gastronomic Meals You Must Try At Shrida Ubud Restaurant

3 Gastronomic Meals You Must Try At Shrida Ubud Restaurant – One of the reasons why you should visit a restaurant in Ubud, such as Shrida Ubud Restaurant or Shrida Ubud Restaurant is because of its unique menu. These restaurants are offering gastronomic menus to their guests. Take a look at the menu below to give you an overview of the delicious meals you are about to enjoy in this Ubud Indonesian Restaurant. 

Seasonal Menu 

The seasonal menu is worth it to try. The professional chef and team offer great gastronomic meals to try. It is not only a special meal but also attractive. The serving looks fantastic and it seems that you are about to taste something you never tried before. 

For example, the restaurant has a menu known as Kingfish ham in the seasonal menu. This menu is the combination between radish, kaffir, gazpacho, and tomato granita. It sounds interesting to try, isn’t it?

Those who love to eat crap should also order seared scallops. The chef cooks parsley, coconut, crap, and tapioca to serve this menu. 

You will also not refuse the desserts in the restaurant. Chocolate lovers should imagine how magical the taste of milk, white, dark chocolate, and wasted citrus mixed inside your mouth. Indeed, you will try this menu once again soon!

Botanical Menu 

Interestingly, Shrida Ubud Restaurant also offers a Botanical menu. Just like the seasonal menu, the list of Botanical menus is also unique and increases your curiosity to try it. For instance, this restaurant has beef carpaccio. 

Imagine that you are about to taste the most delicious food in the world, rendang. The unique thing is that the chef cooks it with parmesan tofu and cumin leaf. You may also order other unique meals, such as Pomelo Lard. 

This meal is made of charred cauliflower, turnip, and curry leaves. For dessert, this restaurant has black pudding. Don’t be surprised because this pudding is made of whipped potato puree and wild mushroom gravy. Indeed, you can order other botanical meals they serve in this restaurant. 

A Private Dinner

You will get a magnificent experience by reserving a private dinner in this restaurant. Imagine that the chef will cook the menu in front of you! This live cooking will be an additional attraction while waiting for the menu. 

Coral Trout is one of the dinner meals you can order. It is a combination of high-quality radish, watermelon, and sturgeon caviar. The ingredients taste fresh in your mouth. There is also a dinner meal known as Foie Gras Snow. 

The chef cooks specific ingredients, such as cured duck, pickled beetroot, and olive. You will taste the Indonesian flavor here because they use a specific ingredient known as Kluwek.       

So, no need to worry about delicious dishes in Ubud. You will get it whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even only for snacking. For a unique menu, just try gastronomic meals at Shrida Ubud Restaurant. 

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