Shrida Ubud, A Stunning Luxury Restaurant Ubud

IMG-Shrida Ubud, A Stunning Luxury Restaurant Ubud

Shrida Ubud, A Stunning Luxury Restaurant Ubud – In Ubud you can find yourself surrounded by a beautiful yet calm and quiet ambience where you’ll be surrounded by amazing rainforest, terraced paddies, and amazing shrines and temples where locals will pray to the god and goddesses of Hindu.

While looking for a place to eat here, you surely want to go to a place that can match the exquisite atmosphere of Ubud, and the one restaurant that can to that for sure is Shrida Ubud, a stunning luxury restaurant Ubud where you can spend a nice time alone or with friends, family or romantic partners.

The Heaven of Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesia has hundreds of different ethnicities and each one of them has their own unique and signature dish. Here in Shrida Ubud, we are celebrating the diversity of Indonesian cuisine where you can taste the best dishes of Indonesia.

You must know about the iconic Nasi Goreng, and Shrida Ubud has our own signature Nasi Goreng served with chicken satay with peanut sauce, a sunny side up egg, grilled prawn, sambel ulek, prawn crackers, and picked vegetables.

Since you are in Bali, you must want to taste the original Balinese cuisine. And you can do that in this luxury restaurant Ubud, where you can try the Megibung, a meal to share with 3 different types of appetizers, soup and sambals, and 7 courses of main dishes plus Balinese dessert. The Megibung celebrates the Balinese tradition of sharing meals to symbolize togetherness.

The Combination of Art in Food and Interior

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious or romantic restaurant in Ubud, this restaurant can give you both. Owned by Srihadi Soedarsono, a legendary Indonesian painter, Shrida Ubud appreciates art in the nuance of the restaurant and the dishes we serve.

Interior, decorations, even lighting is carefully designed to give the most comfortable experience while the delicious foods are also beautifully plated to complete the experience. If you appreciate the art of the plate, you can enjoy the show by the talented and skillful Chefs on the third floor.

Shrida Ubud is a luxury restaurant Ubud who has a philosophy based on art, taste, wellness, best ingredients and the culture of Bali. Dedicated to giving every single guest a gastronomic journey that will have a lasting impact for the body and soul, Shrida Ubud is a must visit restaurant in Ubud and Bali.

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