Shrida Ubud, A Great Restaurant and Up to Date Café Ubud

IMG-Shrida Ubud, A Great Restaurant and Up to Date Café Ubud

Shrida Ubud, A Great Restaurant and Up to Date Café Ubud – Ubud is considered as one of the best cities to visit in Bali because of its importance as the center of culture and spiritual heritage of the island of the gods. With Hindu shrines and temples dotted around the city and surrounded by natural green rainforest, Ubud is a calm heaven.

In the past, Ubud was also known as the place where people would find herbs and medicine. In fact, Ubud came from a Balinese word ubad meaning medicine. While strolling around this wonderful city, it would be nice to take a break in an up to date café Ubud, and the place to do that is Shrida Ubud.

Wide Variety of Beverages

When looking for a nice café to spend your time whether alone or with someone, most people would want a café with a wide variety of beverages. With this quality, you can freely choose a drink and you would likely go back to try another one.

And if you go to Shrida Ubud, you’ll most likely want to go back again. Because not only we have a great and wide selection of beverages, but Shrida Ubud, an up to date café Ubud is also offering a nice ambience where you would want to spend a long time here.

For a first drink in the morning, you can order the Eyes Opener, made from carrot, celery, green apple and orange. Just like the name of the drink, this will freshen you up and make you ready to explore more of Ubud.

You can also order another fresh and healthy beverage made from dragon fruit, banana, and honey yogurt. Shrida Ubud also has a great selection of coffee and mojito made from the best ingredients possible.

Romantic Setting

Or, if you’re with your romantic partner and looking for a romantic restaurant in Ubud, Shrida Ubud can accommodate that. Shrida Ubud is specifically designed to combine both the beauty of food and decorations where you can spend a nice time with your loved one. 

If you are looking for alcoholic beverages like wine or cocktails, all you need to do is go to the second floor where you can enjoy a nice conversation while enjoying Shrida Ubud’s excellent wine and cocktails. In this up to date café Ubud, your ears will also be entertained with live music.

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