Arak Bali, The Balinese Beverage for The Seeker of Happiness

IMG-Arak Bali, The Balinese Beverage for The Seeker of Happiness

Arak Bali, The Balinese Beverage for The Seeker of Happiness – Culture and nature, are two things that tourists seek whenever they visit Bali. However, Bali is also famous for its cuisine. Not only food, it has one of the unique beverages you might never find elsewhere. It is called Arak Bali or Balinese Spirit.

What is Arak Bali?

As said above, it is a traditional Balinese Spirit. This drink has been around for years. Mostly, Balinese Beverage drink this beverage during the ritual or traditional ceremonies or celebrations. Many of those events were held on the entire island.

What is this beverage made of? Unlike the spirits you can find today, the traditional Balinese spirit uses organic material. The process is pretty much similar, which is through fermentation of those ingredients. So, they use the sap of coconut or palm trees as the ingredients and ferment them to produce alcoholic liquid.

The result is a clear liquid with quite high alcohol content. Arak Bali can have around 20%-50% of alcohol content. So, it is pretty much the same with modern spirit beverages. 

How Do People Consume This Unique Traditional Balinese Beverage?

It is the same with the modern spirit; you either drink it straight or make it into a mix with other drinks. In many cases, Balinese love to mix it into a cocktail. At some time, people even use Arak Bali as one of the ingredients to mix cheap alcohol in many party venues. Amazingly, many people love this drink.

Because of the increase in its popularity, more and more people and party venues or events ask for this traditional beverage. It sounds great because it also brings more benefits and improves the name of the traditional Balinese spirit, Arak Bali. Unfortunately, it caused the opposite effect.

The high demand for Arak Bali caused many manufacturers to try to tweak their production to focus on quantity. Therefore, we found many of them use poor production standards. They even shortened the process and added methanol to create a similar effect to the original Arak Bali. This problem caused a huge uproar after the media covered this story.

Thanks to that, many tourists were hesitant to consume Arak Bali. Moreover, this traditional alcoholic beverage name becomes taboo to say in front of tourists, if you don’t want to lose customers. Then, has Arak Bali’s story ended?

The Revival of Arak Bali

There is only one solution to recover and cleanse Arak Bali’s name. The food and beverage artisan must show the world how delicious this beverage is. They must show Arak Bali’s charm. Plus, they also need to boost their grade. Because of that it can lure travelers and recover its reputation.

One that has successfully done that was Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. You will love this place because of its food and art. So, you also should visit it for your trip and enjoy a meal here tastefully. They also combine unique methods and art. And, Arak Bali also becomes one of the ingredients of their amazing list menu.

Shrida’s Bartender uses Arak Bali as one of the ingredients of their Signature Cocktails. You don’t need to ask about its taste. It is delicious because it is made of the best ingredients by the best beverage artisan. 

Moreover, Shrida Ubud also changed how to present this beverage to a more classy and elegant appearance. Thanks to that, do you know what Shrida gets? It is one of Shrida’s favorite products. 

Government Support

Arak Bali has also become more and more popular these days. Many tourists see it as a way to enjoy the local experience whenever they visit Bali. The revival progress has become much faster with the support from Bali’s regional government.

Bali’s regional government finally announced a new law regarding Arak Bali in 2020. Through Peraturan Gubernur No. 1 Tahun 2020, Arak Bali is recognized and legalized as a traditional product of Bali. That law is not only giving this beverage an acknowledgment. It comes with standardization and regulation to prevent the cheap manufacturing process like in the past.

Now, Arak Bali manufacturers must obtain a license to produce this drink. There are two licenses they must get, which is a license from the BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan) or the Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control. The other one is the Alcoholic Beverage Trading Business License issued by Bali’s regional government (SIUP MB). Furthermore, the Bali Governor also established January 29 as an official Arak Bali Day. 

Are You Ready to Enjoy Arak Bali?

If you want to enjoy Arak Bali, you should only get it at Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. As mentioned, they have one of the best signature cocktails that use Arak Bali. Moreover, you can find amazingly delicious menus here from various regions, including Western, Eastern, Indonesian, and Balinese foods. Visit now!

Arak Bali, The Balinese Beverage for The Seeker of Happiness – Culture and nature, are two things that tourists seek whenever they visit Bali.

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