Looking for Ubud Breakfast Restaurant? Shrida Ubud Is the Best One

IMG-Looking for Ubud Breakfast Restaurant? Shrida Ubud Is the Best One

Looking for Ubud Breakfast Restaurant? Shrida Ubud Is the Best One – Bali is famous worldwide for its beautiful beaches where people can enjoy the beautiful sunset and enjoy the water by swimming or even surfing. But Bali is not always about beaches crowded with people, if you prefer a calm and quiet side of Bali, Ubud is the place for you.

With terraced paddies, surrounding rainforest, and Hindu temples and shrines around the city, Ubud offers a peaceful experience to whoever is visiting it. Enjoying Ubud in the morning time is highly recommended, and while doing that, you might be looking for Ubud breakfast restaurant, and we have the answer for you.

Shrida Ubud

Going around the city of Ubud is a great thing to do in the morning, enjoying the good air, saying hello to the friendly locals, and if you’re lucky, you can even see some monkeys. After that, you would be hungry and craving some nice and delicious breakfast.

That’s when you should head to Shrida Ubud to get some breakfast where you can enjoy some iconic breakfast menu from Indonesia such as the famous Nasi Goreng. Nasi Goreng Shrida is served with chicken satay with peanut sauce, grilled prawn, prawn crackers, sambal ulek, picked vegetables and of course a sunny side up egg.

In this Ubud breakfast restaurant, you can also try another breakfast menu, regularly eaten by Indonesians every morning: soto. You can choose soto sapi which contains slow-cooked beef brisket, tomato cherry, carrot, leek, daikon, potato, celery and beef broth. Or, you can choose soto ayam with shredded chicken, boiled egg, glass noodle, vegetables, yellow spices and broth.

Nice and Romantic Vibe

Shrida Ubud is specifically designed to combine the beauty of food and decorations complete with live music. So if you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Ubud, Shrida Ubud is the ultimate place to spend the time with your loved ones.

After eating breakfast, you can continue your holiday and get back to Shrida Ubud in the evening to enjoy a nice talk with your friends, family or partners while enjoying a nice glass of wine or cocktail. Shrida Ubud is also providing the best selections of alcoholic beverages, and a comfortable place to have a conversation.

Shrida Ubud is not only the best Ubud breakfast restaurant, but also the best restaurant in Ubud. So, when will you be visiting?

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