Shrida Ubud: A Romantic Restaurant in Ubud for Fusion Foods

IMG-Shrida Ubud: A Romantic Restaurant in Ubud for Fusion Foods

Shrida Ubud: A Romantic Restaurant in Ubud for Fusion Foods – Are you looking for a good romantic restaurant in Ubud? Ubud is a district in Bali that is well-known for its many popular and stunning destinations. Yes, starting from the refreshing Tegenungan Waterfall to art museums, all of them are worth visiting.

Of course, it feels not enough if, after many great visits, you don’t enjoy the Balinese local foods. Indeed, Ubud is a place for a bunch of restaurants and local street food markets. However, you may just be a little bit afraid if none of them meets your expectations.

Well, if great tastes and fine dining in Ubud are what you need, why don’t you go to Shrida, Taste of Ubud, known simply as Shrida Ubud? Shrida Ubud is a restaurant in Ubud with a unique concept.

The restaurant provides you with some sets of culinary menu options made from premium ingredients. The cooking process is also made to be as high-quality as possible to satisfy customers. Here, some reasons to choose Shrida Ubud are explained. What are they?

Appetizing Menu

Shrida Ubud has been popular as a steak restaurant Ubud. Undeniably, steak is one of the favorite menus available in it. However, steak is not the only one you should try here. There are around 5 groups of dishes provided in the Shrida Restaurant. They are salads, soups, main menu, burgers, and desserts.

For salads, you can enjoy Pomelo Salad, Caesar Salad, Gado-Gado, and more. The combinations of local and international soups are also in the restaurants such as Indonesian beef soup, Soto Ayam, Jukut Undis, Butternut Squash Soup, and many others.

If you are interested in tasting the typical flavor of Indonesian on the main menu, this Ubud breakfast restaurant makes available tasty Beef Rendang, Kung Pao Chicken, Mie Goreng Shrida, Balinese Tuna Tartare, and Sate Kebet. Make sure to try other popular Asian dishes like Prawn Tempura, Chinese Blackpepper Beef, and Thai Chicken Green Curry.

End the enjoyment in the restaurant with some sweet desserts and beverages. Some of them are Chocolate Fondant, Opera Chocolate Cake, Tape Cheesecake, Scoop Gelato, and Apple Pie. Well, all of them sound so appetizing, don’t they?

Cozy Interior Decoration

Bali is a place where you should relax your mind for a while and enjoy all the fascinating places there. The same feeling must be when you are having breakfast or dining in a restaurant. Yes, Shrida is more than just a place with delicious dishes, it is also an up to date café Ubud with beautiful interior design.

The interior design combines the modernity and traditional wisdom of Bali. There are things like clean lines and minimalist ornaments but also Balinese typical artworks like carvings and paintings. The tropical vibe is also seen here and there. Your sight may feel refreshed with green leaves and bushes put on the edges of the room. Of course, it makes Shrida Restaurant in Ubud worth posting on your social media.

Unique Cooking Techniques

Culinary products are parts of certain cultures. The same things are also the dishes sold in the Shrida Restaurant in Ubud. Most of them represent Asian cuisine, particularly Indonesian. Slightly, there is nothing special with that since the restaurant is located in Bali. Sure, the dishes offered there are Balinese just like many other restaurants around.

What makes this romantic restaurant in Ubud unique and different is the cooking technique applied. Instead of using traditional Balinese methods just like many other restaurants do, Shrida Restaurant, the luxury restaurant Ubud, implements French and Mediterranean cooking techniques.

French dishes are known to be processed using several techniques such as pan-frying, sautéing, braising, broiling, and grilling. Meanwhile, Mediterranean techniques include the application of chopped vegetables like carrots and celery along with spices like garlic and dried herbs. This is how Mediterranean dishes tend to be savorier.

Some Indonesian foods indeed applied some of the techniques above such as sautéing and grilling. Meanwhile, almost all of them also use garlic and herbs to enrich the flavors. However, the techniques are not completely the same but there are some different details.

Shrida Restaurant does its best by combining those techniques. You can see the French and Mediterranean cooking techniques are applied well to Indonesian typical food ingredients. This just makes the tastes and flavors richer.

The dishes become more enjoyable even for those who don’t feel common with Indonesian foods. For Indonesians themselves, the dishes in the restaurant still reflect their local foods in more international ways. So, it is reasonable if this fancy restaurant Ubud is very likable, not only by foreign tourists but also by locals.

A Bar and Lounge

If you are the type of person who prefers relaxing while drinking first before going to the main menu, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the bar and lounge of Shrida Restaurant. The bar is also designed elegantly with touches of tropical flora and fauna. This area makes you feel more relaxed after the hectic schedule all day long.

Make sure to visit this place with your family and friends. The area is very suitable for simply chatting and gathering while enjoying the beauty of Bali. Well, after some minutes, or maybe hours, in the lounge, you can go down to the main restaurant to taste your favorite food, maybe it is the best crispy duck Ubud. It sounds good to enjoy the delicacy while watching the gurgling water in the coy pond.

The Best Chef in Bali

You may wonder how this Balinese restaurant can offer such delicious food. Thanks to Chef Made Suwendra, a talented chef from Klungkung. Aside from his deep love of the culinary world, particularly Balinese cuisine, the chef has been experienced enough in international cooking including French and Mediterranean. Here is the idea of fusion foods from those 3 cultures.

Chef Made also has made journeys all around the world in the last 20 years before going back to Bali. That makes the dishes he makes are far from failure. He is also successful in unifying many tastes in one food without making it taste weird. The best ribs in Ubud are some of his creations.

So, what are you waiting for? When you are in Bali, Shrida is the romantic restaurant in Ubud you must visit.

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