6 Reasons to Choose Shrida Ubud Restaurant

IMG-6 Reasons to Choose Shrida Ubud Restaurant

6 Reasons to Choose Shrida Ubud Restaurant – Tasting the local cuisine is a great thing to do when visiting a new place. Say you are visiting Ubud, you should try Betutu Chicken, satay, grilled fish, and many more. The traditional spices and herbs make the meals special and worth tasting. 

Don’t get confused to find a place to taste all of the recommended meals in Ubud. Just book a table at Shrida Ubud Restaurant. The reasons to choose Shrida Ubud Restaurant below will ensure to visit it right away. 

It Offers a Variety of Balinese Meals and Drinks 

Shrida Ubud Restaurant is a perfect place for travelers who want to taste Balinese meals and drinks. This restaurant hires a local chef with international experience. As a result, he can serve a local menu with a touch of international sense. 

The most important thing is that it doesn’t lose the Balinese flavor. One of the secrets is that the chef uses local ingredients from local Balinese farms. That’s why the flavor of the meals is authentic. For instance, Betutu Chicken is one of the recommended Ubud meals you must try. 

Just book a table and order Betutu Chicken at this restaurant. The chef is about to cook the chicken with a slow cooking method. It makes the chicken smooth yet juicy. 

Then, he cooks the chicken with Balinese spices. This menu looks so special with three different sambals. You can enjoy this menu with steamed rice and long bean salad. 

It is the same case if you want to taste the unique flavor of Balinese satay. Shrida Ubud Restaurant serves beef, chicken, and lamb satay. The chef serves this satay with peanut sauce, sweet soy chili sauce, sambal Ulek, and rice cake. Find more traditional Balinese menus by looking at the catalog at shridaubud.com. 

It Offers International Meals and Drinks 

One of the reasons to choose Shrida Ubud Restaurant is because it not only serves Balinese meals but also has international menus. It is the secret why travelers love to visit this restaurant when they are in Ubud. Indeed, this restaurant is hiring a local chef, yet he also has international experience. 

It makes the taste of international meals and drinks more authentic. Foreign travelers seem to enjoy their local food in Ubud. Beef Striploin is one of the recommended menus. This main course is made of Australian Angus beef. The chef serves it with green peas, baby carrots, and red wine sauce. 

You can also order a vegetables-wrapped sandwich for a healthier option. It uses natural flour tortilla, roasted mixed vegetables, and other ingredients. 

It Offers A Balinese Ambiance 

You still feel the Balinese ambiance once you enter Shrida Ubud Restaurant. It is because the management uses Balinese architecture. The atmosphere looks pleasant and warm, along with a variety of plants. 

There is also a Koi pond in this restaurant. It builds a calming ambiance with the sound of the water and colorful Koi moving around. You can sit and relax while waiting for your menu. Imagine that you feel that you want to stay in Ubud longer after eating the meals in the restaurant. 

It Supports Guests Who Want to Enjoy the Nightlife in Ubud 

You may want to spend a night in Ubud outside. It is great! All you have to do is book a table at Shrida Ubud Restaurant. This restaurant has a lounge and bar area. 

This area is for guests who want to stay in this restaurant before dinner. You can spend time enjoying the menu while seeing the mesmerizing Ubud scenery at night. Then, you can continue enjoying the nightlife in Ubud by going to the third floor of the restaurant. 

The location is a semi-outdoor rooftop space. The management prepares this location for special parties and star-gazing.  

Join the Special Events 

Shrida Ubud Restaurant prepares some great events for its guests. Say you are visiting Ubud at the end of November. Remember to go to this restaurant. There will be a Thanksgiving feast event in the restaurant. 

You can also join other special daily events, including Balinese Cultural Night, steak and wine night, Into Balinese Heritage, and many more. The events will make you want to stay longer not only in this restaurant but also in Ubud. 

Friendly and Kind Staff 

Shrida Ubud Restaurant is not only serving delicious menus but also giving its best services. For example, you will always see kind and friendly staff serve your order. They will serve you well based on the standard. As a result, you feel happier before, during, and even after enjoying your order. Now, you finally understand the reasons to choose Shrida Ubud Restaurant. It is also the reason why this restaurant is popular among foreign travelers. Visit shridaubud.com to get more information about the menu and events. You can also book a table online from the official website. Then, get a different experience of eating the special menu at Ubud.   

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