6 Exciting Activities You Can Do While Exploring Ubud Monkey Forest

IMG-6 Exciting Activities You Can Do While Exploring Ubud Monkey Forest

6 Exciting Activities You Can Do While Exploring Ubud Monkey Forest – Visiting Ubud while exploring Bali is a perfect option for those who love nature. There are destinations with fantastic nature in this area, such as Monkey Forest. This destination is known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary or Ubud Monkey Forest. As its name, it is the habitat of monkeys located in Ubud. Here are the exciting activities you can do at Ubud Monkey Forest.

Forest Trekking 

You must pass through the Padangtegal Village and a forest before getting into the Monkey Forest. Imagine that you are about to walk into a 12.5-hectare area. It will be a great experience while in Ubud, right? That’s why you must prepare your stamina. 

Remember to eat and drink well first before starting the trekking to the Monkey Forest. Shrida Ubud is one of the recommended options to fill up your energy before trekking. This restaurant has a variety of meals and drinks to boost your stamina. As a result, you can reach the Monkey Forest as you wish. 

Interact with Wild Monkeys 

Interacting with the wild monkeys is the main attraction in Ubud Monkey Forest. It is a comfortable place for long-tailed macaque monkeys. So far, there are approximately over 1200 species in this area. 

You will get the best photos and videos with the monkeys! Yet, you still have to follow the rules while exploring this area. Remember! You are about to face a group of wild monkeys. 

For example, there is a case that the monkey will jump on you. Remain calm when it happens to you. Then, drop the food and let them take it. Walk away slowly and leave the monkeys. 

You are also not allowed to look into the monkeys’ eyes. The monkeys often get closer to the people who watch their eyes. It is a sign of aggression for the monkeys.     

Enjoy Balinese Traditional Dance 

You can also enjoy Balinese traditional dance when visiting Monkey Forest. The officer is about to guide you to go to a specific area in the forest. Sit comfortably and enjoy the professional dancers performing a traditional Balinese dance. 

The dance is known as the Lubdhaka Dance. The costumes and choreography are inspired by the Mahabharata. The visitors to the forest will also enjoy another dance known as the Frog dance. Just like the name of the dance, the choreography is inspired by frogs. You can even witness the traditional Hindu cremation ceremony known as Ngaben if you are lucky. 

Explore the Sacred Icons 

Exploring the sacred icons is another great thing to do in Ubud Monkey Forest. One of them is the ancient temple. Based on the architecture and materials, the temple was built in the middle of the 14th century. Balinese people also believe that the temple was in the era of the Pejeng Dynasty. 

Indeed, the location feels peaceful and quiet. Once again, follow all the rules from the local community before entering the temple area. The view around the temple is also outstanding. 

You can use it as your photo background and share it with friends on your social media accounts. The other icons available in this area include the Goddess of Dhurga, the Statue of Goddess of Sri, and even the Balinese Cemetery. 

Learning More about Living Species in This Area 

You can also learn a variety of animal and plant species while trekking around the Monkey Forest. It enriches your knowledge about wild animals and plants that you can only see in Ubud or this area. Indeed, the monkey is not the only animal you can see in this area. 

It will be a memorable exploration! Then, you can share the beauty of Bali or Ubud with your family members and friends. Best of all, you have finally found one of the best places to run away from the crowd for a while. 

One of the Recommended Places to Visit Before or After Exploring Ubud Monkey Forest 

Ensuring that you are full is critical before trekking and exploring all the attractions in the Monkey Forest. The best thing you can do is visit a restaurant that offers a variety of menus. Shrida Ubud is one of the recommended restaurants in Ubud for travelers who are about to go to Ubud Monkey Forest. 

This restaurant serves Balinese and foreign menus. Those who want to try Balinese meals can try Shrida Grilled Fish, Satay Kebet Campur, or Betutu Chicken. The international menu in this restaurant includes Barramundi, beef tenderloin, and burger. 

The chef picks high-quality ingredients to give healthy and delicious meals and drinks. The menu is great for boosting stamina. On the other hand, you can also book a table after exploring Ubud Monkey Forest. 

The menu and ambiance are about to recharge your energy before going back to the hotel or continuing your exploration. So, visit shridaubud.com to check the information about the restaurant, and menu, and book a table. 

6 Exciting Activities You Can Do While Exploring Ubud Monkey Forest – Visiting Ubud while exploring Bali is a perfect option for those who love nature.

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