BBQ Ideas To Order From The Best BBQ Ubud Restaurant

IMG-BBQ Ideas To Order From The Best BBQ Ubud Restaurant

BBQ Ideas To Order From The Best BBQ Ubud Restaurant – BBQ is a great option if you have to serve a lot of guests. That’s why people often take BBQ as one of the menus in their gatherings or reunion events. It is even perfect to enjoy BBQ, along with the fantastic scenery of Ubud. 

You can prepare everything by calling an Ubud Balinese restaurant, Shrida Ubud Restaurant, one of the best BBQ Ubud restaurants. Here are some BBQ ideas you can apply.  

Let Your Friends or Family Members Enjoy Steak 

Steak is one of the recommended ingredients in the BBQ menu. They will love the smell of the smoke and watch the grilling process before serving the steak. One of the secrets of delicious steak is the sauce. 

Shrida Ubud Restaurant understands it since they use a professional chef and team. For a BBQ lover, this restaurant offers a steak or beef with Chinese black pepper. The chef will stir fry the beef with black pepper sauce, capsicum, onion, and secret spicy. Then, you can enjoy it with a bowl of steamed rice. 

Everyone Loves Chicken 

Besides serving steak or beef, serve chicken as an alternative. Grilled chicken is also one of the popular menus in Ubud BBQ. All you have to do is look for the best BBQ Ubud restaurant that serves the menu you want, including grilled chicken. 

In the case of Shrida Ubud Restaurant, the team is about to serve chicken satay and Shrida grilled chicken. The unique thing about this BBQ menu is it is served with young papaya salad, yellow rice, ginger flower relish, and sambal ulek. It is so fresh and spicy in your mouth. 

Seafood Always Right 

BBQ seems to be incomplete without seafood. You can serve fish, oysters, mussels, or shrimp. Most people love grilled seafood, especially with its strong spicy flavor. Shrida Ubud Restaurant will also serve you with several BBQ seafood menus, such as Shrida grilled fish and grilled prawn

The prawn is taken from the river. You can grill the fresh prawn with baby potatoes, garlic wine butter sauce, and ratatouilles. On the other hand, the grilled fish is using snapper. They will serve it with mixed fresh vegetables, ginger flower relish, and steamed rice. 

The point is that preparing a BBQ party in Ubud is easy to do. The most important thing is that you get the best BBQ Ubud restaurant first to support your idea. Shrida Ubud Restaurant is one of the places that will accommodate your idea to prepare a memorable BBQ party in Ubud.    

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