4 Options To Try For The Best Western Food In Ubud You Can Taste

IMG-4 Options To Try For The Best Western Food In Ubud You Can Taste

4 Options To Try For The Best Western Food In Ubud You Can Taste – Visiting Ubud without tasting Balinese cuisine would feel incomplete. But, sometimes, you also crave Western food. Luckily, you can find many restaurants with the best western food in Ubud. Here are some of them that we consider the most delicious choices for you.

Chicken Saltimbocca

Saltimbocca describes how flavor jumps around in the mouth. Therefore, we consider this chicken dish as the best Western chicken dish you can find in Ubud. It uses chicken cutlets and sage, plus mushrooms and various spices. Therefore, whenever you visit a Restaurant in Ubud, do not forget to order this menu.


It is one of the Italian dishes that many people search for in Ubud. It uses cross-cut veal shanks cooked braising style with vegetables. Many restaurants also add white wine and broth to add more flavor to the meat. Traditionally, you eat it with risotto or polenta, depending on the restaurant you visit.

The defining feature of this dish is the marrow inside the hole in the bone. That part holds the flavor the most after a long cooking time. Therefore, whenever you visit any restaurant in Ubud, do not forget to order the best western food in Ubud, Ossobuco.

Club Sandwich

Club sandwiches are not a light-type food. But, it could be an alternative Western food for the heavy meat recipe we mentioned above. Yet, the club sandwich is a delicious Western cuisine you can try in Ubud when you crave different meals than local cuisine.

Our best choice would be the basic club sandwich. You get slightly toasted bread with grilled chicken, beef, or bacon of your choice. Then, it has tomato, onion, avocado, and lettuce for its vegetable and fruit parts. To add more flavors, it has mustard and mayonnaise.

Opera Chocolate Cake

As for dessert, we recommend opera chocolate cake. This layered chocolate cake will take you to the adventure of delicious flavor. Our favorite is the one with caramel and vanilla bean sauce, plus vanilla gelato and edible soil. It is the best alternative if you want something different than the dessert at Ubud Indonesian restaurant.

Final Words

Those four Western foods are the best choice when you want to enjoy different meals among many Balinese and Indonesian foods in Ubud. There are more options you also can find, like burgers, pasta, and other foods. Explore more and embark on the adventure to find the best western food in Ubud.

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