6 Recommended Things To Do In Ubud To Get The Festive Atmosphere

IMG-6 Recommended Things To Do In Ubud To Get The Festive Atmosphere

6 Recommended Things To Do In Ubud To Get The Festive Atmosphere – It is easy to feel festive when you are in Bali. For instance, you can go to Ubud and enjoy the nightlife atmosphere there. It is also the reason why travelers love to stay in Ubud.

So, just feel it yourself when you are about to explore Ubud. The list of the nightlife attractions will make you want to visit this place right away.

Enjoy Various Drinks at Shrida Ubud Restaurant

Shrida Ubud Restaurant is not only for travelers who want to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is also a great place for travelers who want to enjoy Ubud’s nightlife. All you have to do is book a table on the second floor.

The management prepares a chill lounge and bar in the restaurant. This area is a recommended place for gatherings and drinks before dinner. The atmosphere is relaxing, along with Balinese architecture, flora, and fauna.

Guests can enjoy non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks in this restaurant. The alcoholic drinks include cocktails, Martini, beers, and liqueur. Don’t worry! Just order smoothies, milkshakes, squash, mocktails, and others if you don’t drink alcohol.

These non-alcoholic drinks are also good enough to accompany you to enjoy the nightlife in Ubud. The location of this restaurant is at Bisma Street, Ubud.

Go to Ubud Palace

You can also go to Ubud Palace even at night. People there are about to welcome you with a traditional dancing performance known as Legong Dance. The dancers are wearing traditional Balinese costumes.

They are about to dance to the music from the gamelan orchestras. Everything looks perfect with the Puri Saren Royal Palace as the backdrop of the dancing performance. It is a relaxing trick to enjoy a calm night in Ubud.

The dancing show at Ubud Palace starts at 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Indeed, you will also feel festive during the show. The Ubud Palace is located on Raya Ubud Street No. 8. 

Walk and Enjoy Ubud Night Market

It seems incomplete if you are visiting Ubud without exploring Ubud Night Market. This night market is popular because of the variety of street foods. Imagine that you can eat tofu, potatoes, greens, fried bananas, and many more.

You can even taste the flavor of the Balinese pork menu known as Babi Guling. Indeed, it is also a good place to find snacks to kill the night. Ubud Night Market operates from 05.00 p.m. to 02.00 a.m. The location of this market is on Raya Ubud Street.

Enjoy Bali Cultural Night

Nowadays, you can learn and enjoy more about Balinese culture at night. It is a great event for travelers who can’t sleep at night and decide to go outside. You don’t need to get confused about where to find this kind of event.

All you have to do is visit Shrida Ubud Restaurant. This restaurant offers daily events, including Balinese Cultural Night, Steak and Wine Night, Food Festive, and many more. Check the schedule of each event by visiting the official website, www.shridaubud.com.

Join the Girls’ Night Out Event

Traveling is the best time to enjoy nightlife, including for female travelers. Don’t be afraid! Instead of going somewhere you don’t know, just go to Shrida Ubud Restaurant. This restaurant designs a variety of night events, including girls’ night out.

Just like its name, this event is special only for girls. You can come to the restaurant every day from 06.00 p.m to 09.00 p.m. Go to the second floor once you enter the restaurant.

The restaurant is ready with a variety of special cocktails, tea, shisha, and many more. Imagine how satisfying it is if you are drinking the beverages while enjoying mesmerizing views!

Spend Your Night by Eating a Romantic Dinner

Say you are coming to Ubud with your beloved. It will be great to spend the nightlife in Ubud together. For example, you can reserve a table for a romantic dinner. Then, enjoy the beautiful night with the spectacular Ubud’s sky while enjoying the special menu together.

Shrida Ubud Restaurant is also a good place to feel the romantic festive atmosphere like this. The staff will help you to choose the best and special menu for a romantic dinner. Choose a table in the best spot in the restaurant.

Now, you can spend the night while talking deeply with your beloved. Finish your dinner slowly and go back to the hotel with a memorable experience.

The point is that looking for a festive feeling in Ubud at night is easy to do. You can even feel it by only visiting the right restaurant at night. It will be great because you can’t only enjoy the wonderful night scenery but also the menu and atmosphere.

Shrida Ubud Restaurant has all of them. Bring your friends, family members, and your lovely one to the restaurant. Then, pick the best menu or join the special event you want. Enjoy the night and tomorrow you will have a worthwhile experience to share with others.    

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