8 Signature Cocktails You Must Try At Shrida Ubud Restaurant

IMG-8 Signature Cocktails You Must Try At Shrida Ubud Restaurant

8 Signature Cocktails You Must Try At Shrida Ubud Restaurant – Just because you are visiting Ubud doesn’t mean that you can’t drink a glass of cocktail. You can even enjoy a variety of fresh and delicious cocktails when visiting the right place in Ubud. Shrida Ubud Restaurant is one of the recommended places for those who want to spend a night enjoying cocktails. The list of the cocktails below are some of them.

Grapes On Grapes Sour

This special cocktail is formulated for those who love the taste of red grapes a lot! The taste of Grape on Grape Sour will be different compared to other grape cocktails. The secret is on the additional ingredients the chef uses.

Shrida Ubud Restaurant’s chef mixes fresh and high-quality red grapes with lemon juice, Gordon dry gin, and red wine. You get the sour, sweet, and bitter from this cocktail in your mouth. That’s why it has become one of the most popular cocktail signatures in this hotel.

Ubud Strawberry Mojito

Indeed, this restaurant is not only for red wine or red grape fans but also for strawberry lovers. Just to Shrida Ubud Restaurant and order a special cocktail known as Ubud Strawberry Mojito. Some guests love this cocktail because of its unique flavor.

Imagine that the taste of fresh strawberry, lime juice, and light rum explodes in your mouth once you sip this cocktail. The chef also added a little bit of sugar and carbonation liquid to the mixture. The taste of this cocktail is also stronger because of the mint leaves. What a unique drink to keep your eyes open while enjoying the night in Ubud.

Arak Mint Sour

Visiting Ubud will be incomplete without tasting the flavor of Balinese wine known as Arak. The taste of Arak will be more special if tasting it in the right place. Go to Shrida Ubud Restaurant and order a glass of Arak Mint Sour.

The chef is using a high-quality Balinese Arak. It is taken from the local Arak makers. As a result, you can taste the authentic flavor of the Arak. Then, the chef mixes it with lime wedges, fresh mint, and sugar.

You may miss this drink after leaving Ubud for a few weeks. It even can be one of your reasons to go back to Ubud, including Shrida Ubud Restaurant.

Bedugul Cocktail

Bedugul is one of the most famous places in Bali. Travelers love to visit and stay in this area for a few hours because of the fantastic scenery. This area is so relaxing and calming because of the lake and mountains.

The professional chef at Shrida Ubud Restaurant transfers its sensation into a glass of cocktail. He calls the drink a Bedugul Cocktail. The thing that makes this cocktail special is the mixture.

Imagine the flavor of tequila, strawberry, lemon juice, and orange bitter together in your mouth. It looks perfect. Enjoy this cocktail with a beautiful backdrop.

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Shrida Ubud Restaurant even facilitates guests who love to taste old-fashioned cocktails. The Old Fashioned Cocktail by Shrida Ubud Restaurant is one of the favorite drinks. The chef only uses two special ingredients to make this unique cocktail.

He mixes Bourbon Whiskey and a little bit of aromatic bitters. This cocktail will make your night in Ubud feel more special.

Bloody Mary Cocktail

It is another favorite cocktail at Shrida Ubud Restaurant. The name of the cocktail makes guests curious. They are even more curious after knowing the ingredients.

Don’t worry! It is not as scary as the name. Bloody Mary cocktail is made of Vodka, tomato juice, and lemon juice. The kicking flavor also comes from the Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. What a unique combination, right?

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Vodka lovers can also order a glass of Cosmopolitan cocktail. It is also known as one of the best-selling cocktails in this restaurant. The Vodka is mixed with lime and cranberry juice.

The chef also adds a little bit of triple sec. He shakes it to create a unique mixture and flavor. You may find it hard to describe the flavor, yet it tastes great in your mouth.

Classic Margarita Cocktail

Don’t leave Shrida Ubud Restaurant without drinking the Classic Margarita. It is also a special cocktail, especially for Tequila lovers. This cocktail is a combination of Tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice. The flavor feels so relaxing, especially if enjoying it with the beautiful scenery of Ubud. 

So, you don’t need to get confused looking for cocktails in Ubud. You can just go to the right restaurant, such as Shrida Ubud Restaurant. Imagine that the list of cocktails above is only some of the drinks you can order there.

It means that you can also get other types of cocktails! Find out more information about the cocktails at Shrida Ubud Restaurant by visiting ShridaUbud.com. Book a table and enjoy your night while sipping the fresh cocktails.

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