Shrida Santa Claus, Let Learn More About A Piece Of Magic Of Christmas

IMG-Shrida Santa Claus, Let Learn More About A Piece Of Magic Of Christmas

Shrida Santa Claus, Let Learn More About A Piece Of Magic Of Christmas – Santa Claus might be the most popular figure that represents Christmas. When Christmas day is closing by, you always find this character everywhere. Some wear the costume of Santa Claus. You also can find Santa Claus pictures, figurines, dolls, and decorations in many places.

As for his job, you must be familiar with that. This guy has the job of giving presents to children on Christmas Day. He only brings gifts to the house where well-behaved children stay. The time is on the night of Christmas Eve, which is said to be the sacred night of Christmas.

Santa Claus Appearance

Of course, we don’t need to explain more about his appearance. Everyone should know what Santa Claus looks like. But, in case you are not familiar with or in your area have no culture related to Santa Claus, we have it covered for you here.

Santa Claus is depicted as a white-bearded gentleman. Old might not be an accurate word to describe his appearance, even though he has a white beard and hair. It is mostly because he still looks so energetic, like a young man.

He also has a big belly, which makes him look more funny and friendly. He wears a red coat with white fur cuffs and a fluffy collar. Under the coat, he wears red trousers with a black leather belt that covers his big belly, plus black leather boots.

Do not forget his hat. He wears a triangle red hat with white fur on the bottom that protects him against the cold weather of winter when he brings gifts to your house. To go to every well-behaved child’s house, he carries a big bag that fits all the presents he will give to children all over the world.

As for transportation, Shrida Santa Claus rides a magical sleigh that can fly through the sky. This slight is drawn by nine reindeer. And, each of these cute reindeer has a name, which is:

  • Dasher,
  • Dancer,
  • Prancer,
  • Vixen,
  • Comet,
  • Cupid,
  • Donner,
  • Blitzen,
  • Rudolph.

All his characters and appearance create a figure that you can’t separate from Christmas. Many kids still believe that Santa Claus will come to their house with a gift they want if they are well-behaved. Therefore, parents often use this belief as part of education for their children.

However, many of them who grow older start to realize that this figure is only a fictional figure. But, they keep the happy memories from the past when they still believe and receive gifts. That makes every Christmas become a special moment for every child in the world.

The Real Santa Claus

Even though we said that Santa Claus is only a fictional character, Santa Claus is based on a real person. He was Saint Nicholas, a monk who lived in 280 A.D. He traveled to many places to help those in need.

Because of this act, Saint Nicholas was known as the protector of children and sailors. He was even acknowledged as one of the most popular saints in Europe during the Renaissance era. Therefore, if you say Santa Claus doesn’t exist, you are not completely right. But the appearance that we know today is far from the real Saint Nicholas appearance.

The Real Santa Claus Appearance

In 2006, scientists successfully created a model of Saint Nicholas’s appearance by scanning the remains of this person thanks to permission granted by the Vatican. Then, in 2020, the more detailed appearance of Santa Claus was created, thanks to the latest CGI technology.

He looks far from the chubby gentlemen with the long white beard we know today. He has a short white beard, a broken nose, and swarthy skin. But you can still see his sincere looks that might be depicted because of his lifelong contribution to helping society.

The Santa Claus Name

What about his name? Why does Saint Nicholas turn into Shrida Santa Claus? His name also has an interesting story.

The Santa Claus name that we use today comes from the Netherland language. When people from that country moved to the New World colonies in America, they also brought the story about Saint Nicholas. In their language, they call him, Sinterklaas. Then, this name gradually changed into Santa Claus which we know today.

Final Words

Santa Claus is one of the magical moments of Christmas. It brings happiness and makes the Christmas moment more special. Of course, the gifts from Santa Claus will also make you and your kids happy.

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