Why You Should Be Celebrating Valentine at Shrida Ubud

IMG-Why You Should Be Celebrating Valentine at Shrida Ubud

Ubud is known to be the center of traditional craft and dance of Bali. Located in the central Bali, you will find yourself in a tranquil place surrounded by tropical jungle and terraced paddies, with the Hindu shrines and temples dotted around the city. Ubud is the perfect place for you if you want to experience the calm and quiet side of Bali.

If you will be in Ubud this Valentine with your other half and don’t know where to spend the Valentine’s day evening, you should do it in Shrida Ubud. Shrida Ubud is a restaurant with romantic and amazing ambiance, excellent and artsy interiors, and of course excellent Balinese, Indonesian, Western or fusion dishes. Here are why you should be celebrating Valentine at Shrida Ubud with your other half.

Excellent Ambiance for Valentine

Shrida Ubud is owned by a legendary Indonesian painter, Srihadi Soedarsono. Mr. Soedarsono use his art expertise to make sure his restaurant will have appealing interiors both exterior and interior. Shrida Ubud use the combination of western style of minimalism and the Balinese traditional wisdom. You can see this with the existence of the minimalist ornaments and lines combined with Balinese artworks such as cravings and paintings.

Not only that, in Shrida Ubud you will be able to enjoy your time with your loved ones, enjoying delicious food, while having a view of the beautiful Ubud. You will feel like you are dining in a lush garden with fairy lights, and when the sun slowly goes down, you will feel the magic of the stunning sunset view. Shrida Ubud is perfect to spend with your other half, especially for the Valentine’s day.

If you feel like enjoying your food and time with your romantic partner in the outdoor setting, Shrida Ubud got that cover for you too. You can choose to dine in the middle of Bali’s natural beauty and you can even hear the river flowing nearby. 

Shrida Ubud is offering an unforgettable experience for you this year’s Valentine’s day. You and your other half can immerse yourself in a special romantic ambience with the performance of flutist and saxophonist, also fire dance and fire flair bartender. The decorations will also be designed to celebrate love and affection you have for your romantic partner.

You can enjoy all of that, celebrating Valentine at Shrida Ubud in the middle of special romantic vibe with only IDR 2.350 K ++ per person. It will be held in Shrida Ubud, February 14th 2024 at 6.30 PM. Go to https://shridaubud.com/ now to book it and make this year’s Valentine’s day an unforgettable one for you and your other half.

Amazing Dishes

If you go to Bali, then you must want to feel and experience everything Bali could offer, and one of them of course is the food. Bali has been known to have delicious dishes, cooked with certain techniques using special Balinese spices. Shrida Ubud makes sure that you will be able to enjoy the finest taste of Bali with a series of signature Balinese dishes.

You can try the famous ayam betutu which is slow-cooked chicken prepared and cooked with Balinese spices, served with long bean salad, steamed rice and three different kinds of sambals. You can also choose sate kebet campur which is a satay dish with beef, chicken and lamb. It will be served with sayur urap, peanut sauce, sweet soy chili sauce, sambal ulek and rice cake.

Not only traditional Balinese food, Shrida Ubud also has an amazing list of Western dishes you could try. You can choose the beef tenderloin or striploin made with Australian Angus beef. If you are a pasta lover, you can try Shrida Ubud’s spaghetti carbonara, penne beef Bolognese, linguine napolitana, the spinach and mushroom ravioli, and the spaghetti prawn aglio olio. 

Shrida Ubud also has dishes from the ocean for a seafood enthusiast. You can pick the delicious Jimbaran lobster, jumbo prawn which is grilled river prawn with ratatouille and garlic wine butter sauce, the barramundi with prawn mushroom tortellini or the Tasmanian salmon. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, and what kind of food you like, Shrida Ubud has got you covered. All of the dishes in Shrida Ubud are prepared with the best ingredients and cooked by professional and excellent chefs to make sure you will get the best dishes.  

So there you go, the reasons on why you should be celebrating Valentine at Shrida Ubud. Perfect dishes from different styles, and a special thematic romantic ambience for this year’s Valentine’s day to spend with your other half. Enjoy Valentine’s day at Shrida Ubud with amazing food, special musical and dance performance and excellent romantic setting with only IDR 2.350 K ++ per person, book it now at https://shridaubud.com/

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