Celebrate Your Valentine at Shrida Ubud

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Valentine is a day to celebrate love and affection. It started as a day of honoring Saint Valentine who performed secret marriages under the threat of death from the Romans. Celebrating Valentine’s day with your romantic partner should be romantic and memorable in a perfect place. If you are in Bali and don’t know where to go, celebrate your Valentine at Shrida Ubud and experience the love all around.

Shrida Ubud

Bali is the perfect place to spend your special times, including Valentine. A nice and romantic dinner is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s day with your romantic partner. There are so many restaurants in Bali and choosing the right and perfect one for you to spend Valentine’s day could be a difficult thing to do. If you need help to decide which restaurant you should pick to spend your Valentine’s day, Shrida Ubud is the perfect choice. 

Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches and its richness in culture and spiritual heritage. With so many tourists both local and foreign visiting Bali, most of the spots are always crowded with people. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t really feel comfortable spending time with a crowd and prefer to spend your vacation in a quiet and tranquil place, Ubud is completely perfect for you.

Ubud is located in the central part of Bali and has been famous for a long time as the center of Balinese traditional craft and dance. While a lot of people go to Bali for its beaches, Ubud offers a different view of Bali. Here, you will be spending your time in a place where you are surrounded by the jungle and beautiful terraced paddies. 

When you enjoy sightseeing in Ubud, you will find Hindu temples and shrines dotted around the place, making Ubud perfect for you who want to enjoy the spiritual side of Bali. The calm, quiet and tranquil ambience of Ubud make this place perfect to spend Valentine’s day with your other half. And to end a special day, you should have a romantic dinner in a special place too, you should have Valentine’s dinner at Shrida Ubud.

The Taste of Bali

When you go to Bali you obviously want to experience Bali, including its delicious food. Shrida Ubud is the place where you can taste the best of Bali. One of the most famous dish of Shrida Ubud is bebek Shrida which is a twice-cooked duck with fern tip and red beans, served with rice and three kinds of sambals. 

You can also try the famous Balinese dish, ayam betutu. Ayam betutu is a slow cooked chicken prepared with special signature Balinese spices and then served with long bean salad, steamed rice and three kinds of sambals. 

In Shrida Bali you can also enjoy fusion food between Balinese and Western style. One of those dishes is the Balinese tuna tartare which is diced tuna with long beans and shallot relish combined with Balinese yellow paste and crispy parmesan. 

Cozy Decorations

A nice restaurant is not only about the food, but also the vibe it offers, and Shrida Ubud makes sure that all of its customers will be comfortable spending time here. Shrida Ubud is owned by a legendary Indonesian painter Srihadi Soedarsono. Mr. Soedarsono makes sure that his restaurant is designed with beautiful artistic style in both exterior and interior. 

The interior design of Shrida Ubud is a combination between the modern style and the traditional wisdom of Bali. There are minimalist ornaments that represent the modern style and then there are also excellent Balinese carvings and paintings. With this fusion of style in the interior, spending time here with your loved ones will be magical. 

Bar and Lounge

Shrida Ubud is not only a restaurant with a wide selection of food and beverages from Asia, Bali, Indonesia and the West, but there is also a bar and lounge if you want to spend a quality time here with a nice glass of cocktail in your hand. Having a conversation in the bar and lounge here is perfect before or after you enjoy the main courses at the restaurant.

The bar and lounge of Shrida Ubud is specifically designed to be a perfect place to have a good conversation. This is a perfect way to spend the night of Valentine’s day with your romantic partner after you spend the day together in the tranquil vibe of Ubud. 

For this year’s Valentine at Shrida Ubud, you will experience an amazing romantic ambiance at Shrida Ubud. There will be flute and saxophonist performance, complete with the captivating fire dance and fire flair bartender. You can enjoy all of that with your other half with only IDR 2.350 K ++ per person. Go to https://shridaubud.com/ to book it now.

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