Shrida Ubud Full Course to Celebrate Chinese New Year

IMG-Shrida Ubud Full Course to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the holidays that only happens once a year. Even though it is called Chinese New Year, many people who are not Chinese also celebrate it. It is a day off, so it is normal for you to spend this day doing something special, for example, enjoying good food at Shrida Ubud Restaurant.

As one of the famous restaurants in Bali, your trip to Bali during Chinese New Year won’t be completed without taking your time to visit this place. Its design, ambiance, and of course, the menu will bring out the pleasure you might never find elsewhere.

Speaking about Chinese New Year, Shrida has various menus you can choose to celebrate this holiday. Let’s start from the appetizer.

The Appetizer

Shrida Ubud has various menus in the appetizer category. They come from different places on Earth. However, to match the menu with the Chinese New Year vibe, there is only one option we recommend. It is called Goat Cheese Spring Rolls.

Even though Goat Cheese originally comes from the Middle East, the chef from Shrida Ubud has successfully combined it with spring rolls, the Chinese cuisine. It is delicious, especially the combination of goat cheese, mango chutney, chive, and garden salads. This menu is the best way to open your full course at Shrida Ubud to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The Main Course

There is no better choice than meat for your visit to Shrida Ubud. This restaurant knows how to bring out the deliciousness of meat ingredients. They also have various menus from Oriental to Western in the main course category. As for this special moment, we recommend ordering Kung Pao Chicken.

Shrida Ubud chooses the best chicken legs and various spices to create the strong taste of this Chinese cuisine. Served with warm steamed rice, this menu will be ready to make you full. The dried chili pepper sauce also adds more kick to the chicken leg. Every bite will give you a different explosion of taste, which enriches your dinner experience while you are spending the holiday.

If you think a portion of Kung Pao chicken is not enough, Shrida Ubud also offers various Mini Bites for you. This category offers various menus, from chicken wings, crispy calamari, or another bite of spring roll. But, this time, you can choose the vegetable spring roll to let you easily savor the taste.

The Dessert 

At the end of the course, you will have various options for dessert by Shrida Ubud to enjoy. This restaurant offers many of them, but we highlight six menus that will satisfy your palate. They are Opera Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Fondant, Tape Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Scoop Gelato, and Apple Pie. 

We think each of them matches the Chinese New Year theme dinner you are having. However, if you want something unique, you can try Tape Cheesecake. Its main ingredient is fermented Cassava called “Tape”. It is a traditional Indonesian food with a sweet and sour taste. Once again, this menu shows how well the Shrida Ubud kitchen department uses this traditional ingredient to make this unique dessert.

The Beverage

As for the beverage, Shrida Ubud offers various menus. You can enjoy cold or hot beverages. You also order non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages. They will be ready to satisfy your need for a delicious drink.

However, this year’s Chinese New Year, Shrida Ubud offers two special beverages to celebrate this holiday. They are called Dragon Fizz Cocktail and Mandarin Blossom Mocktail. These two have vibrant and fresh tastes, which help you to refresh your palate after enjoying the heavyweight-class course above. 

Not only the taste, the two special drinks for Chinese New Year also have a beautiful appearance. The bright orange and purple colors represent each drink. Those two colors are suitable for the vibrant and adventurous concept that Shrida Ubud uses for this year’s Chinese New Year.

The Performance

Shrida Ubud restaurant merges art, performance, and food into one combination that creates the most satisfying feeling for its guests. It includes a live music performance that will accompany your dinner here. This restaurant offers different types of shows on certain days. Therefore, make sure you enjoy them when you spend your dinner celebrating Chinese New Year here.

Final Words

The full course from Shrida Ubud restaurant will help you to enjoy the adventurous and meaningful journey at dinner time to celebrate Chinese New Year. The performance also adds more value to your visit to this restaurant. Furthermore, Shrida Ubud also held a special event for the Chinese New Year. So, it is not wrong to visit this place and enjoy your time here.

For more information about Shrida Ubud and how to book a table, you can visit its official website. You can learn more about the menu, restaurant history, and more. So, visit now!

This place, which is also known as Shrida Ubud, offers the best full course in Bali. It is a combination of the traditional Balinese cuisine with Asian and Western recipes. As for Chinese New Year, Shrida Ubud has some menus that fit the event, such as Kung Pao Chicken, various Spring Rolls, and many more. 

Furthermore, Shrida Ubud also holds a Chinese New Year event. You will get a special full course made in this period when you book this package. One of them is the two new beverages that symbolize the vibrant and adventurous moment of Chinese New Year. They are called Dragon Fizz Cocktail and Mandarin Blossom Mocktail. Try them when you enjoy your feast at Shrida Ubud.

Final Words

Therefore, do not hesitate to visit Shrida Ubud Restaurant and enjoy the best dining experience to celebrate Chinese New Year. The delicious food, beautiful scenery, and peaceful atmosphere are the perfect combination for this special event. For more information about Shrida Ubud Restaurant and its Chinese New Year event, visit its official website. So, enjoy your food!

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