The Most Popular Menu In Ubud Best Restaurant Dinner

IMG-The Most Popular Menu In Ubud Best Restaurant Dinner

The Most Popular Menu In Ubud Best Restaurant Dinner – Finding an Ubud best restaurant dinner is easy to do. You can just go to Shirda Ubud Restaurant to have a delicious dinner with a pleasant Balinese ambiance. Plus, you can also choose a variety of menus that will fulfill your hunger. Check the dinner menu in this Ubud Balinese restaurant served to its special guests. 

Chicken and Salad 

No need to worry! Shrida Ubud Restaurant has chicken and salad menus for dinner. For the salad, this restaurant has Pomelo salad, Caesar salad, and beetroot salad. You can even taste the freshness of the Balinese traditional salad known as Gado-Gado. 

The team is using organic and fresh ingredients to keep the flavor of the salad. The most important thing is that you have a healthy dinner. For chicken lovers, you can order a specific dinner menu, such as Kung Pao Chicken, chicken satay, and many more. It will satisfy your stomach before continuing your night to enjoy Ubud. 

Steamed Rice with Condiments 

Balinese people love to eat steamed rice at night. They will eat the rice with a variety of condiments. Try to do the same in case you want to feel like a local Balinese. Shrida Ubud Restaurant also has some menus with steamed rice. 

Say you love to eat beef a lot even for dinner, just eat Chinese black pepper beef. This restaurant serves this menu, along with a bowl of steamed rice. Alternatively, you can order Kung Pao Chicken. It is a pan-fried chicken leg with dried chili pepper sauce. They will also serve this menu with steamed rice. 

Warm Soup 

A bowl of warm soup is always perfect for dinner. It makes you warm during the cold night. Plus, you have enough energy to continue to enjoy the nightlife in Ubud. 

As the Ubud best restaurant dinner, Shrida Ubud Restaurant has a great menu with soup, including Kuah Be Pasih, Soto Ayam, and Cow Soap. The chef uses local spices and herbs to cook delicious and even healthy soup. You can eat the soup with and without steamed rice. 

It is a good dinner option if you want to taste the local Balinese flavor. At least, you will get a new experience of having dinner with a new type of soup. 

So, having dinner in Ubud is so great to do. All you have to do is look for Ubud best restaurant dinner. Shrida Ubud Restaurant can be one of the options.

It offers a variety of delicious, fresh, and healthy menus for dinner. Eating in this restaurant is not only about fulfilling your hunger but also enjoying the nightlife in Ubud. Just go to the second or third floor to join the party.

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