Shrida Ubud, the Best Romantic Dinner Ubud 

IMG-Shrida Ubud, the Best Romantic Dinner Ubud 

Shrida Ubud, the Best Romantic Dinner Ubud – Ubud is a very nice place to enjoy a different side of Bali where you can find yourself in a peaceful city surrounded by green rainforest, terraced paddies, and historical Hindu shrines and temples which are dotted around the city.

Enjoying this calm city would be best to do with your romantic partner. Imagine holding hands, strolling around the city, interacting with the friendly locals, and then enjoying a nice meal and conversation in the best romantic dinner Ubud, in Shrida Ubud.

The Best Dishes

Shrida Ubud is offering you the best dishes from Indonesian, Western and of course Balinese cuisine. Prepared from the best ingredients, and served by the art of the plate, you’re not going to compliment your taste buds, but also your eyes.

If you’re looking for an Ubud Balinese restaurant to enjoy the traditional Balinese dish, Shrida Ubud is definitely the place for you. You can enjoy the famous Ayam Betutu, or the Megibung which is a meal to share with 7 courses of main dishes, with 3 different appetizers, sambals and soups to celebrate the Balinese tradition of sharing a meal to symbolize togetherness in Balinese culture.

You can also taste the most iconic dishes of Indonesia like Nasi Goreng, Soto, or Sate. Shrida Ubud also has western cuisines like steaks, Chicken Confit or Saltimbocca, different kinds of pastas, or beef burger, club sandwich and snapper stack.

Best to Spend with Your Lover

Shrida Ubud is the best romantic dinner Ubud where you can spend a nice time, food, and conversation with your partner. The interior and decorations are carefully and artistically designed to please the eyes and give comfort to every single guest. And don’t you worry about the ambience since the owner is a legendary painter of Indonesia, Srihadi Soedarsono.

With a wide range of menu, you can spend any time in Shrida Ubud, from breakfast, lunch, dinner, or when you just want to drink some wine and have a nice chat with your lover. The second floor of Shrida Ubud is specifically designed to be a great place to drink a nice glass of wine or cocktail and have a lovely chat with comfortable tables, chairs and even pillows.

There you go, if you’re looking for the best romantic dinner Ubud to spend a lovely time with your lover, be the guests of Shrida Ubud.

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