6 Best Choices of Ubud Restaurant Best View

IMG-6 Best Choices of Ubud Restaurant Best View

Ubud is a plateau in Bali. It is famous for its natural beauty. Besides its natural tourists, visiting Ubud is not complete without culinary tourism. There are many best choices of Ubud restaurant best view to visit. You can hang out or hunt esthetic photos with a natural background. Ubud cafes and restaurants are mostly presenting a countryside and farming view. Do you want to know some recommended restaurants in Ubud with the best view? Here is the list.

1. Shrida Ubud Restaurant

Shrida Ubud Restaurant is a restaurant located at Jalan Bisma, Ubud, Bali, 80571. This restaurant offers a variety of food and drinks throughout the day. Here are some details about this restaurant:

  • Operating Hours: This restaurant is open every day from 07:00 to 22:30.
  • Menu: The restaurant offers a variety of food and drinks, including breakfast (07:00 – 11:00), lunch and dinner (12:00 – 22:00), as well as drinks such as wine, cocktails, healthy drinks, coffee, and take-out orders (07:00 – 22:00).
  • Rating: Shrida Ubud Restaurant has a 5.0 rating from 312 reviews on Tripadvisor.
  • Activities: The restaurant also offers a variety of entertainment activities throughout the week.
  • Contact: You can contact this restaurant at the phone number 0851-7546-9700.

According to reviews on Tripadvisor, many visitors are very satisfied with the food, service, value, and atmosphere at Shrida Ubud Restaurant. So, if you’re in Ubud and looking for a pleasant dining place, Shrida Ubud Restaurant could be a good choice. Enjoy! 😊

2. Folk Pool and Gardens

You can put this restaurant on the list of your favorite culinary places. It is also to be a honeymoon restaurant Ubud. Swimming in Bali is not always on the beach. You can swim in the Folk Pool and Gardens Ubud. The concept of this restaurant is so unique where you can both swim and eat in one place. The interior design of this restaurant is simply interesting. Around the swimming pool, you will see beautiful gazebos with four capacities and gentle beds where you can relax and eat. If you do not want to swim, you can come and take a rest by sightseeing. Your tiredness will be lost when you see the surrounding area of this restaurant. The guests can watch a movie together on the edge of the pool. 

3. Kubu and Sawah Terrace

The luxury and great services of the Ritz Carlton represent Kubu and Sawah Terrace. It is a kind of Kafe restaurant in Ubud that you visit. The restaurant’s situation is so fresh and green, located on the edge of Ayung River. You will see the beautiful forest situation and farming areas. Kubu is a restaurant in Mandapa having 9 private cocoons and a direct view to clean Ayung River. The atmosphere is unique and earthy with the delicious menus being this luxurious restaurant to visit. 

In this best Ubud restaurant, you can taste various Mediterranean-European dishes while listening to the sound of the Ayung River. This restaurant only serves dinner. You must be ready to have a romantic dinner with your partner. Another restaurant is Sawah Terrace where you can taste delicious meals. The farming area and dense forest are the main views of this restaurant. It is different from the previous restaurant. This is an authentic Indonesian food restaurant. All ingredients used are fresh organic from the garden. You can also choose to enjoy breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Of course, you can eat healthy menus from this restaurant. 

4. The Sayan House 

This restaurant in Ubud belongs to another one with an amazing view. It is a beautiful restaurant facing the Ayung River. It is a famous location for holding parties or private weddings. If you want to feel like you’re on top of the world, you can go to The Sayan House. It is the best place to unite with nature. From the view of the forest, green farming area, and Ayung River, you can see it here. You can enjoy a romantic dinner with lovely people by seeing the beauty of the sunset beside the hill. You will see the lights on the trees to create a fairytale wedding. What are the available foods? As one of the amazing foods restaurant Ubud, it serves various contemporary menus and Asian dishes. Try to eat the best sellers and unique menus in this restaurant. You will not be disappointed in eating it. 

5. Rondji Restaurant 

Another Ubud restaurant best view is Rondji Restaurant. It is inspired by a true love of Ubud maestros. The name of this restaurant comes from Ni Rondji, a Balinese woman who successfully conquered Don Antonio Blanco’s heart, as a great painter. She was famous for her beauty and cooking skills. This restaurant is located in the complex of The Blanco Renaissance Museum. It is so shady and highly aesthetic that it serves various menus from European menus to Balinese foods. It is available for some drinks like cocktails, coffee, etc. You can eat delicious menus and get the best view of this restaurant. Furthermore, you can visit and surround the museum area to see hundreds of Don Antonio Blanco’s paintings. This restaurant and museum are often represented to be a symbolic form of those people. This resto Ubud hits makes everyone interested to come in. 

6. Pomegranate Cafe

You must eat food in Bali by exploring some cafes and restaurants in Ubud. Having a holiday in Bali is not always exploring its nature and culture. You can also reveal its cuisine. Ubud is the right place to combine two sides of cuisine and nature. Pomegranate Cafe is another culinary spot to visit. You can drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. You can see farming areas with a 360 degree view of Campuhan River. 

If you come in the morning, you can see Agung Mount on the north way and Batukaru Mount on the west side. At night, you will see city lights and fireflies. You must bring a torch when you take a side there in the night because you will pass small paths without the lightning. It is a recommended spot for Ubud restaurant best view. 

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