5 Ways to Enjoy Chinese New Year in Bali

IMG-5 Ways to Enjoy Chinese New Year in Bali

Chinese New Year is a special event for the Chinese and all Chinese communities all over the world. Many countries also set this event as their holiday. Therefore, many people also love to enjoy this holiday whenever this time is coming. 

However, to make sure this special moment becomes even more special, you must know how to celebrate this event in the most fun way. So, here, we have five things you should do to enjoy Chinese New Year. Let’s start!

Have a Vacation

Traditionally, people celebrate Chinese New Year by having a family gathering at home. You can follow that tradition. However, once in a while, you can try something different. In this case, we recommend taking a break from your activity and having a vacation.

Where is the best destination? Among many trip destinations in the world, we recommend Bali Island. Even though Bali is known as the island of the Hindu majority, there is one thing that you will need to celebrate Chinese New Year. Yes, we are talking about food.

Bali Island is a well-known gourmet paradise, offering so many different foods to try from many cultures in the world. The core of celebrating Chinese New Year is the feast. So, these two different cultures meet perfectly on a dining table.

Wear a Perfect Outfit

When you celebrate Chinese New Year, there is one thing you shouldn’t forget. You must wear the proper outfit for this special event. The outfit you must wear must be red. 

In Chinese culture, red represents joy, luck, and new life. Therefore, the Chinese New Year event will be something like a starting point to start anew into a better chapter of your life. Furthermore, it also looks cool to wear a red outfit during your trip to Bali. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes because Bali is in a tropical climate.

Give Money to Your Family Members

Another tradition of the Chinese New Year is giving pocket money. It is also known as “Angpao”. You also can try it during your trip to Bali. Give the pocket money to your family members, so they can spend it during the vacation.

You can give that cash in a red envelope, which is the traditional method. Or, you can give them digital cash. Transfer some money to their account, so they can use their card for buying things. Or, give a gift card.

You can decide the amount of money for your family members. Of course, you can’t give them a small amount of money to celebrate this holiday. Give them enough, so they can have fun shopping during this trip. 

Shopping and Hunting for Discounts

Many shopping malls in Bali offer various discounts and promo events to celebrate Chinese New Year. Do not miss this chance when you visit Bali this time. As mentioned above, the price here is much cheaper than in your country. Therefore, with the discount and promo event, you can get a much lower price during your stay in Bali.

Of course, you can’t have impulse buying here. Do not buy anything you see because of the discount and promo event. Buy something that you need, so you won’t waste the pocket money you get from your family.

Enjoy the Food

Now, let’s move to the main activity of celebrating Chinese New Year, the feast. It is a must for anyone who celebrates this moment to make their stomach happy. Therefore, enjoy the most delicious food. Combining them with your trip to Bali, you will get one of the best meal experiences.

Of course, to celebrate this special moment, you should only have dinner at a special place. For that reason, Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant is the best choice. Why must this restaurant?

This place, which is also known as Shrida Ubud, offers the best full course in Bali. It is a combination of the traditional Balinese cuisine with Asian and Western recipes. As for Chinese New Year, Shrida Ubud has some menus that fit the event, such as Kung Pao Chicken, various Spring Rolls, and many more. 

Furthermore, Shrida Ubud also holds a Chinese New Year event. You will get a special full course made in this period when you book this package. One of them is the two new beverages that symbolize the vibrant and adventurous moment of Chinese New Year. They are called Dragon Fizz Cocktail and Mandarin Blossom Mocktail. Try them when you enjoy your feast at Shrida Ubud.

Final Words

Therefore, do not hesitate to visit Shrida Ubud Restaurant and enjoy the best dining experience to celebrate Chinese New Year. The delicious food, beautiful scenery, and peaceful atmosphere are the perfect combination for this special event. For more information about Shrida Ubud Restaurant and its Chinese New Year event, visit its official website. So, enjoy your food!

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