Shrida Ubud, A Restaurant with Good Vibes and Good Food in Ubud

IMG-Shrida Ubud, A Restaurant with Good Vibes and Good Food in Ubud

Shrida Ubud, A Restaurant with Good Vibes and Good Food in Ubud – Vacation doesn’t always have to be going to places crowded with people. Some people prefer a vacation where they can enjoy some time in seclusion, away from the crowd to give themselves a break from the fast world. If you’re one of them, Ubud in Bali is the city you want to go to.

Ubud is widely known for its tranquil and peaceful scenery. A lot of people go to Ubud to experience the calm, quiet and even spiritual side of Bali. While enjoying this city full of cultural heritage, a good restaurant with good food in Ubud will complete your time, and Shrida Ubud is the place to do that.

Compliment All of Your Senses

Ubud is the place where you can give all of your five senses a very nice time. Beautiful scenery for the eyes, enjoying traditional Balinese culture for the ears and nose, and for your taste buds, the delicious Balinese food.

Shrida Ubud fully understands this assignment, and will compliment all of your senses while you’re visiting this restaurant. Meticulously designed interior and decorations with the artistic approach, good food presented also artistically, and even a live music for your ears. 

Shrida Ubud’s appreciation of art comes from the owner, Srihadi Soedarsono who is a legendary Indonesian painter. Mr. Soedarsono wants to make sure every single guest visiting his restaurant will be able to enjoy it down to the soul.

With the high appreciation of art, Shrida Ubud is not only good for a good time alone, or with friends, family but also with your romantic partner. So if you’re looking for a good romantic restaurant in Ubud, Shrida Ubud is a must visit place for you.

Happy Taste Buds, Happy Soul

Shrida Ubud believes that food is one of the ways into the soul, good food in Ubud means good mood. With this philosophy, Shrida Ubud makes sure that every single dish will be prepared, made, with the best ingredients, and presented in the best way possible.

The signature good food in Ubud of Shrida Ubud is the Shrida’s Crispy Duck which is prepared by boiling it for a long six hours with a small flame, and only after the meat is soft the duck will be fried. After fried crispy, Shrida’s Crispy Duck will be presented with garnish made with mushrooms. 

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