Christmas Tree, Things You Should Know

IMG-Christmas Tree, Things You Should Know

Christmas Tree, Things You Should Know – The Christmas Tree has become a symbol that shows the arrival of Christmas and the holiday season. Therefore, whenever you see this tree, you and other people will always think about that special moment. Many countries also use these trees as decoration at the time when the holiday season is about to come. Therefore, people are familiar with this tree.

Even though we are familiar with Christmas trees, many of us still don’t know a few things about this tree. Here, you will learn more about those things. So, we hope this article can help you to know more about Christmas Trees and become a reference that might help you in the future. 

What Tree Used to Make a Christmas Tree?

People use pine, spruce, or fir trees to make Christmas trees. You can even find a company that manufactures these trees by having a plantation for growing them. However, you also can find many Christmas Trees made of evergreen trees. Mostly, they use this tree because its foliage can remain green and lavish for much longer than other trees.

On the other hand, people also use artificial trees for Christmas trees. It is related to the increase of awareness of global warming and how tree exploitation affects the environment among modern people. This artificial tree is easy to use and lasts much longer than a real tree. Therefore, you can buy and use it for several years without buying a new tree for next Christmas.

Both of them, the real and artificial tree, also have different prices. The real tree is much cheaper than the artificial tree. However, if you see it from a long-term usage perspective, you can see that artificial trees are much cheaper. You only need to pay for it once, and then you can use it several times, as long as you store it properly.

The Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now, let’s talk about the ornaments you hang on Christmas Trees. You can find many ornaments and decorations that people use to make a Christmas Trees look more beautiful. Here are some of them:

Ball Ornaments

The ball-shaped ornaments are one of the popular ornaments for Christmas trees. It comes in two types, the matte finish and the glitter and sparkle effect finish. You can choose various ball ornaments in color to make your Christmas Tree look more festive.

Hanging Figurines

You can find different characters related to Christmas. And, these characters are available in the form of figurine ornaments you can hang on Christmas Trees. For example, you can find hanging figurines of Santa Claus, snowflakes, snowmen, gingerbread houses, and more.

Finial Ornaments

This one is another unique ornament for your Christmas Tree. The final shape looks cute and its attention-drawing shape is perfect for your holiday season. So, you might want to try this ornament with the color you like.

Photo Ornaments

Photo ornaments are the best choice to personalize your Christmas Tree. You hang a photo frame with your or your family’s photo in it. Then, you can make your Christmas Tree special because it has ornaments that show special memories you made with your loved one.

Those are a few types of Christmas Tree ornaments you can try. There are many others and even unique and uncommon ornaments you can hang on your Christmas Tree. You only need to find one you like and match your room theme. How about the star at the top of the Christmas Tree?

Christmas Star

A Christmas Star is not a simple ornament for a Christmas Tree. This ornament has special meaning because it symbolizes the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. You can read about it in the Bible. This star guided the three wise men to find the baby Jesus and is also a symbol of hope for humanity.

The Presents Under Christmas Tree

After the ornaments, it is time to put the presents under the Christmas Tree. The question is the right time to put these presents. Many people, place presents during these times:

  • Christmas Eve – this time represents that the present was placed by Santa Claus.
  • Once you wrap up the gifts – it is a good choice when you have children who already understand to wait until Christmas morning to open them.
  • Christmas Day – place them on Christmas Day when your family and friends visit. That is the best choice to put the presents. Then, you can give them as soon as possible.

Final Words

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