Shrida Ubud, The Bestest Restaurant Ubud

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Shrida Ubud, The Bestest Restaurant Ubud – Bali is not always about beaches, if you prefer a place more tranquil, quiet, and less crowded in Bali, Ubud is the city for you. Ranked as one of the best cities to visit around the world, Ubud offers the calm part of The Land of the Gods.

Exploring Ubud with terrace paddies, surrounded by pristine jungle, dotted with Hindu shrines and temples, plus the vast culture and traditions is not complete without the best dish to enjoy. If you’re looking for a great place to eat while enjoying Ubud, Shrida Ubud, the bestest restaurant Ubud is the most perfect spot.

Culinary Heaven

Shrida Ubud is owned by one of Indonesia’s legendary painters Srihadi Soedarsono who specifically designed this restaurant to be appealing to all of human’s five senses. From the decorations, interior, hospitality, the art of the plate, and of course the delicious taste of the dishes.

You can order any delicious food from a wide range of choices, from Indonesian, Balinese, to Western cuisines. But if you’re a foreign tourist, you must want to taste the best of Indonesian or Balinese dishes and Shrida Ubud can give them to you.

In the bestest restaurant Ubud, you can order the famous Nasi Goreng with the unique touch of Shrida with satay covered with peanut sauce, grilled prawn, picked vegetables, sambel ulek, prawn crackers, and obviously a sunny side up egg.

If you want to try Balinese dishes, you can choose the famous Ayam Betutu which is a slow-cooked chicken marinated with Balinese signature special spices, with 3 kinds of sambals, long bean salad, and steamed rice. 

Perfect Place to Hang Out

Whether you are a solo traveler, or with family, friends, or romantic partner, Shrida Ubud is a perfect place to spend some time and have a nice conversation. On the second floor, you can order the best wine and cocktails available here, and enjoy the nice ambience to talk with comfortable chairs, tables, and even pillows.

If you appreciate the art of the plate, on the third floor of the bestest restaurant Ubud, you could find a cooking show performed by the talented and skillful chefs of Shrida where you can see the food prepared, made, and then presented with the most unique way. This top floor also can be used for special occasions like cultural events, movie screenings, and even talk shows. 

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