Steps to Cook Sambal Matah Restaurant Ubud and the Fastest Way to Taste It

IMG-Steps to Cook Sambal Matah Restaurant Ubud and the Fastest Way to Taste It

Sambal Matah is one of the most popular menus in most restaurants in Ubud. One of the restaurants that serve this menu is Shrida Ubud Restaurant. The chef serves this sambal matah restaurant Ubud with some main course menus.

Romantic restaurant in Ubud even serve this sambal. So, what kind of sambal it is? You should know more about it before tasting and feel the sensation. 

The Ingredients of Sambal Matah in Ubud 

Ubud people love to use local ingredients to cook meals including sambal matah. The ingredients are including lemon grass, shallot, garlic, and kaffir lime leaves. Chefs will also add other ingredients, such as torch ginger buds, chili, and shrimp paste to strengthen the Balinese taste.

The Way to Cook Sambal Matah Ubud  

It will be great to learn how to cook sambal matah restaurant Ubud after learning about the ingredients. Surprisingly, the way to cook this Balinese sambal is so straightforward. First, choop the tender white part of the lemongrass, shallots, garlic, chili, and kaffir lime leaves. 

Second, take the shrimp paste and mix it with the chopped ingredients. Ensure that you mix all the ingredients well. Third, prepare a pan and preheat it with a little bit of cooking oil. Then, pour the raw sambal matah into the hot pan. 

Stir it for a few minutes. Now, your sambal matah is ready! For your information, Balinese people love to eat raw sambal Matah. 

It means they don’t cook the ingredients in a hot pan. You can try it to feel the sensation of original sambal matah. 

The Way to Enjoy Sambal Matah 

The next thing to learn is the way to enjoy this sambal matah as a Balinese. Balinese people love to eat this spicy sambal with meat dishes, such as chicken and fish. Alternatively, they also enjoy this sambal with salad. 

Combining this sambal with a bowl of warm steamed rice is also perfect! Imagine if you enjoy it with a fantastic view as the background. You will have a new culinary experience while spending time in Ubud. 

It is not a problem if you can’t cook sambal matah by yourself. Nowadays, restaurants and cafes in Ubud serve sambal matah as one of the menus. Shrida Ubud Restaurant also serves sambal matah. 

The sambal matah restaurant Ubud at this place is special because it is made of local ingredients that were taken from local farmers. Plus, you are about to taste sambal matah cooked by a professional chef.  

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