The Sensation Of Drinking Jamu At Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant

IMG-The Sensation Of Drinking Jamu At Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant

You may learn that Indonesia is popular with one of the drinks known as Jamu. Yet, you don’t understand what kind of drink it is. The good news is that Jamu is also popular in Bali, so you can enjoy it while spending time there.

Specifically, you can go to the Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant and order a drink known as Shrida Jamoe. Before doing it, learn more about this special Balinese drink below.

About Jamu in Bali

In Indonesia, including Bali Jamu refers to a healthy or herbal drink. Just like its name, the main function of these drinks is to keep your health or support your healing process after suffering from specific diseases. Drinking Jamu is a popular medication in local Balinese before drinking a prescription medicine.

Due to the function, local Balinese people use specific herbs as the ingredients to produce a powerful Jamu with a lot of health benefits. Ginger, turmeric, lemon, and honey are some most common ingredients local Balinese people use to make Jamu. The ingredients make this drink has a unique taste. Indeed, you must try to drink Balinese Jamu when visiting Bali.

Drink Jamu at Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant

As a traveler, you may have difficulty finding the best place to drink Jamu in Bali. The good news is that you don’t need to get confused anymore to find a place to drink Jamu in Bali. Just visit Shrida Taste of Ubud and order a drink known as Shrida Jamoe. Drinking Jamu at Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant is a perfect option when you are spending time in Ubud.

The Ingredients of Shrida Jamoe

No need to worry about the ingredients of Shrida Jamoe. This restaurant hires a professional chef who can choose high-quality ingredients for his meals and drinks, including Jamu. The ingredients in this herbal drink are carrot, turmeric, honey, and lemon juice. The chef is about to blend all the ingredients with a specific formula to make a fresh and delicious Jamu.

The Taste of Shrida Jamoe

Now, you know what kind of drink Shrida Jamoe is. You even know the ingredients to make this herbal drink. As a person who is about to drink it for the first time, you may be curious about the taste.

No need to worry that you are about to taste a bitter Jamu. Shrida Jamoe uses carrots and honey as the natural sweetener. At the same time, your body will be a little bit warmer once you drink this herbal drink. It is because of the turmeric. The turmeric in the recipe also gives a great aroma of the drink.

Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant also wants to offer a fresh drink for its guests. Because of that, the chef is adding a little bit of fresh lemon juice to the recipe. This ingredient increases the zesty sensation in your mouth once you drink Shrida Jamoe. So, you are about to feel a variety of sensations in one herbal drink.

The Right Time to Drink Shrida Jamoe

In general, there is no specific time to drink Jamu, including Shrida Jamoe. You can drink this herbal drink anytime you want when visiting Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. Yet, due to the ingredients, afternoon or night is the best time to drink Shrida Jamoe.

It is a perfect option if you are visiting Ubud in the rainy or cold season. The turmeric in this drink will warm your body while enjoying other menus in the restaurant. It seems that this drink will also drive your positive mood back.  

The Great Things about Drinking Shrida Jamoe at Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant It is Made of High-Quality Ingredients

The ingredients of the drink determine its effectiveness, taste, and quality. That’s why Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant always uses high-quality ingredients to serve Shrida Jamoe. The restaurant picks the ingredients from the local Balinese farms. It ensures that you get a great and fresh Shrida Jamoe anytime you order it.

You Get Authentic Taste

Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant is a perfect place to drink Jamu since it serves authentic taste. One of the reasons is because of the local ingredients the restaurant uses. The formula of this drink is also made by a local Balinese chef.

You Can Drink It in a Great Atmosphere

It is not only about drinking high-quality Jamu but also the way you enjoy it. Indeed, you will get more than just a high-quality Jamu in this restaurant. You will also get a great atmosphere while drinking a glass of Shrida Jamoe here.

Imagine that you are drinking Shrida Jamoe while listening to the sound of water from the pond. Your eyes also see a lot of plants and Balinese ornaments around the restaurant. The view of the restaurant is also magnificent.

It is a perfect way to enjoy an herbal drink. It seems that you directly get the health benefits once you drink it!

So, reserve a table at Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant right away. Then, order Shrida Jamoe and taste the sensation by yourself.  

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