Megibung Festival And The Way To Feel The Ambiance While In Bali

IMG-Megibung Festival And The Way To Feel The Ambiance While In Bali

Megibung is one of the most popular Balinese Hindu ceremonies. It is your luck to see this event when visiting Bali. So, what kind of ceremony is Megibung? 

Can you join the Megibung ceremony while exploring Bali? Learn more about this event and the way to join it below. 

About Megibung Ceremony in Bali 

Megibung is an ancient Hindu ceremony in Bali. The idea of this event is to say thanks to animals because of their contribution to human life. The way to say thanks to the animals is by giving them food. The animals that join this festival include cows, pigs, and chickens. 

Indeed, it is not only the animals that will eat their food but also the people. Because of that, people who join this event are about to sit together. They will see one big plate of dishes in front of them. 

Balinese people even serve the dishes using a big piece of banana leaf. They celebrate Megibung every 210 days. We can also say that the Megibung festival is a traditional Balinese family meal. You should go to Karangasem to see and join this family meal festival.  

The Meaning Behind Megibung Festival in Bali  

The meaning behind the Megibung Festival is not only about gratitude to animals for helping people in the area. This festival strengthens the relationship between people t

here. They can talk to each other while enjoying the dishes. 

Strangers can also join the festival. All of them were gathered to know each other better. They are united no matter their race, religion, physical appearance, and many more. 

The Ethics of Megibung Festival in Bali 

You should sit in a group once you arrive at the location. A group often consists of five to seven people. People have to sit cross-legged in a circle. They can talk to each other while waiting for the dishes. Soon, other people will come while bringing a big plate or banana leaf full of dishes. 

They will serve the dishes for all circles one by one. The dishes often consist of steamed rice and a variety of side dishes. You are not allowed to eat the dishes yet until you listen to the instructions. 

The host of the event is about to announce that you are allowed to eat the dishes. All people at this festival must eat the dishes by hand. Another critical ethic of the Megibung festival is to stay in the circle even if you have finished eating before the others. 

You can leave the circle only when all of the members finish eating the dishes. You don’t have to eat too fast. People often eat the dishes while enjoying the gathering time.

Travelers Can Enjoy the Megibung Festival Anytime They Want 

The essence of the Megibung festival is togetherness in life. It is the time people sit together and share the food with others even if they don’t know them. Because of that, you can see this tradition every day in Bali culture.

Balinese families often sit together in the dining room and eat the dishes together. That’s why you can try to feel the ambiance of the Megibung festival anytime you want while visiting Bali. 

The Dishes Serve in Megibung Festival 

Joining Megibung Festival is an opportunity to taste the flavor of Balinese dishes. People are about to serve a variety of dishes in this ceremony, including Lawar pork, young jackfruit salad, soup, satay, and many more. They will serve those side dishes with warm steamed rice. You will take the authentic Balinese flavor since people cook it with local ingredients. 

The Way to Enjoy Megibung Festival Meals 

It is fine if you can’t join Megibung Festival every 210 days. The truth is that you can feel the ambiance and dishes at the Megibung Festival anytime you visit Bali. All you have to do is visit a restaurant in Bali that serves Megibung dishes. 

The most recommended restaurant you must visit to taste these special dishes is Shrida Ubud Restaurant. Some meals in this restaurant were served during the Megibung Ceremony. For example, you can order a meal known as duck Shrida. 

Duck meat is served in Megibung. In this restaurant, the chef is about to cook the duck meat twice. It makes the meat soft and juicy. He will mix the meat with fern tips, red beans, snake fruit pickles, and other ingredients. You can enjoy Duck Shrida with steamed rice and three kinds of sambals. 

Satay is another popular meal in the Megibung Festival. Shrida Ubud has a special satay known as Kebet Campur Satay. This meal uses beef, chicken, and lamb. The chef will serve the satay, along with mixed vegetables, peanut sauce, sweet soy chili sauce, and sambal. Enjoying the satay with rice cake is perfect. 

Remember to order Chicken Betutu. It is one of the signatures in most Balinese festivals. The chef is about to cook the chicken using a slow cooking method. He adds some herbs and spices before cooking the chicken. Chicken Betutu is served with a long bean salad, three different sambals, and warm steamed rice.  

So, you don’t need to worry if you can’t join the Megibung Festival in Bali. You can still go to Bali and feel the sensation by booking a table at Shrida Ubud Restaurant. It is perfect for those who are about to go to Bali with their beloved family members, colleagues, and best friends. Book your table at now!   

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