Looking for Ubud Restaurant Cheap and Nice? Shrida Ubud Is the Answer

IMG-Looking for Ubud Restaurant Cheap and Nice? Shrida Ubud Is the Answer

Looking for Ubud Restaurant Cheap and Nice? Shrida Ubud Is the Answer – Ubud is a must visit city in Bali because of its richness in tradition, cultural, historical, and spiritual heritage. In the past, Ubud is a place where people in the Kingdom of Bali sought herbs and medicine. In fact, Ubud is derived from the Balinese word ubad means medicine.

Offering its guest with tranquil rice paddies, beautiful rainforest and priceless Hindu temples around the city, exploring Ubud is a highly recommended spiritual journey. Experiencing the calm Ubud will be complete with enjoying the best local food and Ubud restaurant cheap and nice that you need to visit is Shrida Ubud.

Celebrate the Balinese Culture in Food

If you’re visiting Bali, you must want to experience the best this beautiful island could offer, and that must include the Balinese food. Shrida Ubud is offering the best Balinese food like Ayam Betutu, the slow-cooked chicken made with Balinese iconic spices, rice, long beans salad and 3 different kinds of sambals.

Another recommended Balinese cuisine you should try is the Megibung, but only if you’re bringing at least more than 2 other people with you. This is because Megibung is a unique sharing dish with 7 different dishes and 3 different kind of sambals, appetizers, and soup plus a Balinese dessert.

By enjoying and sharing the Megibung, you can experience the core of Balinese culture which is togetherness. Balinese people have a tradition to sit together and share a meal while talking and laughing with each other, strengthening their bonds.

Enjoy Nice Ambience

Shrida Ubud is Ubud restaurant cheap but classy Ubud restaurant. With the interior and decorations meticulously designed to appeal to your eyes and make you comfortable, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy every second in this restaurant.

Not only the interior, the way the dishes are presented is also taking an artistic approach. This is because the owner of Shrida Ubud is a man who highly appreciates art. His name is Srihadi Soedarsono, one of Indonesia’s legendary painters.Shrida Ubud is not only Ubud restaurant cheap but also nice. If you want to take a glass of good wine or cocktail and enjoy a nice time to hang out or having a conversation with your friends, family, or lover, you can go to the second floor where you will find the bar with comfortable chairs, tables, and even pillows. 

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