Snowman, Your Best Friend During Winter and Christmas

IMG-Snowman, Your Best Friend During Winter and Christmas

Snowman, Your Best Friend During Winter and Christmas – What do you usually do when Christmas comes or during the Christmas holiday? Placing Christmas trees, cooking dinner for family, and getting gifts for your loved one are some of the common things that people do during this special holiday. But we believe that you can’t leave one thing that many people will do during Christmas. Yes, we are talking about Snowman.

The Christmas holiday that comes in the winter season allows you to have enough time to play with snow. Snowball fights might be fun for you. Yet, many of you also love to build cute little things made of snow that look like a doll or human, the Snowman.

It is also easy to make, so everyone, young to old, can try to make this funny figure. Therefore, it is not surprising to see this figure stand in many places during Christmas or winter. Even though a Snowman can be considered a common thing you find and make during winter or Christmas, not many people know about this figure. For that reason, here, we will take you on a journey to learn more about Snowman.

Why Building a Snowman?

Is it for fun? Or, do you build it to prank your friend? People have many purposes to create a Snowman. However, originally, the habit or culture of building a Snowman during winter came way back from the late 19th century.

Way before that, according to Greek Mythology, every season has a personification or representation that depicts that season. As for winter, they referred to it as the “Old Man Winter”. Then, this information was carried away until the late 19th century when Jack Frost was written as one of the personifications of winter in many literatures.

Then, people start to build a figure that can represent that character. Thus, people start stacking three snowballs with the largest one on the bottom and the small ball on the top. Then, to make it look more like a human, they added eyes made of coal, a nose from a carrot, buttons on its body to represent clothes, and a scarf and hat.

It sometimes looks cute, but you must admit that Snowman also can look scary. It does match with the harsh and cold winter that it represents. Yet, we love to build it, because it is just fun. And, if we go back to its purpose, it is only a figure that shows the winter condition.

The Carrot for His Nose

Why must carrots? The truth is we also don’t know why people love using carrots for Snowman’s nose. However, from the history of Snowman that represents the harsh and cold winter, people depict this character as a fierce and bad character. Therefore, they used a pointy nose for the Snowman by using an item, like a branch or wood piece.

Then, in the modern era, people don’t see Snowman as that kind of evil character. Thus, people start to change it with objects that can change Snowman’s bad vibe. They started using various objects that looked harmless and colorful. And, carrot has become popular because it has a unique shape and bright orange color that can change its vibe to a cuter vibe.

First Carrot Nose Snowman

Interestingly, the Snowman with a carrot nose first appeared in the German animation, “Der Schneemann” in 1943. The title means “Snowman in July”. This animation also was one of the first works that depict Snowman differently from its harsh and fierce character.

In this animation, Snowman is depicted as a naive and lovely character. Then, the public started to adore this character and make it one of the cute characters that always appear during winter. Then, it also becomes one of the characters of Christmas.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

So, how about building a snowman? Here are a few tips to create a perfect snowman at your place.

  • Use the right snow. Do not use too dry or too wet snow. Make sure it is mid-level to make it easy to shape and stick around.
  • Find a flat surface so your snowman won’t easily fall and crumble.
  • Use a 1-2-3 ratio from top to bottom ball. To make the ball, you can roll it around, especially if you plan to create a big Snowman.
  • Flatten the top part of the ball before you stack them.
  • Decorate your Snowman with buttons, carrots, hats, scarves, or anything you want to put on him.


Building a Snowman is a fun thing to do and a great way to spend your winter. But, if you don’t like winter and want to spend your winter holiday in a warm place, like Bali, that’s also a good idea. And, while you are in Bali, do not forget to visit Shrida Taste of Ubud, a restaurant with delicious food and beautiful art. You will have the best meal experience there, which makes your Christmas feel even more special.

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