Looking for the Best Seafood Restaurant Ubud? Shrida Ubud Is the Place

IMG-Looking for the Best Seafood Restaurant Ubud? Shrida Ubud Is the Place

Looking for the Best Seafood Restaurant Ubud? Shrida Ubud Is the Place – Bali is popular around the globe for its beautiful beaches, but that’s not all of Bali could offer its guests. If you prefer a quiet and calm holiday, away from the crowd, surrounded by pristine jungle with Hindu temples around the city, Ubud is the place for you.

Ubud is not a beach town, but you can still enjoy seafood here. If you’re looking for the best seafood restaurant Ubud, the place you are looking for is called Shrida Ubud where you can enjoy a wide varieties of Indonesian, Balinese or Western cuisines, including seafood.

Three Floors of Quality best seafood restaurant

Shrida Ubud has 3 floors with each one serving a specific purpose. The first floor is for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the best a la carte menu. You can also enjoy some complimentary things like a plate of fruit and yogurt while waiting for your orders.

Shrida Ubud is an Ubud Balinese restaurant where you can enjoy the best of Balinese food like the famous Ayam Betutu which is slow-cooked chicken in Balinese special spices, with long beans, steamed rice and 3 kinds of sambals.

The second floor is for you who want to enjoy the bar. Here, with comfortable tables, chairs and even pillows, you can have a nice and lovely conversation with your friends, family or romantic partners with a delicious glass of wine or cocktail in your hand.

The Best Seafood in Town

Since you’re looking for the best seafood restaurant Ubud, Shrida Ubud also has the best menu from the ocean. You can choose Jimbaran Lobster, a lobster with cream sauce, potato gratin, mushrooms, and seasonal vegetables.

If you like salmon, Shrida Ubud has pan seared Tasmanian salmon filet, mushroom, potato mousseline, spinach, baby carrot, and dill cream sauce. Or the Jumbo Prawn which is grilled river prawn with new baby potatoes, ratatouilles, and garlic wine butter sauce.

Shrida Ubud also has the Barramundi fish for you to try. Pan seared Barramundi with prawn mushroom tortellini, seasonal vegetables, green herbs oil, and pumpkin veloute sauce. 

Shrida Ubud is not only the best seafood restaurant in Ubud, but also the best restaurant in Ubud. With all dishes prepared from the best ingredients possible, exquisitely cooked, and served beautifully, plus with artistic interiors and live music, all of your five senses will be complimented and satisfied. 

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