Journey To Bali Cultural Heritage By Exploring Ubud Palace And Nearby Destinations

IMG-Journey To Bali Cultural Heritage By Exploring Ubud Palace And Nearby Destinations

Learning the history of Bali is easy since most of the destinations explain the old Bali. Go to Ubud Palace if you want to get more than just history. Ubud Palace also offers a magnificent view and architecture. The explanation below will make you more curious about this palace and want to go there immediately.

Learning about Bali in the 19th Century

Ubud Palace looks so beautiful and big. It is a common thing because this palace was the home of Ubud’s royal family in the 19th century. You can learn a phenomenal Balinese history, such as the triumph of the Kingdom of Ubud.

Nowadays, this palace is also used as a museum and the center of Bali’s traditional arts. That’s why you can learn more about Ubud or Bali by seeing the collection in the museum area. Indeed, this palace is also a great destination for those who want to learn more about Balinese traditional arts.

Exploring the Architecture

Seeing the collections and enjoying the arts is not the only thing you can do in Ubud Palace. This destination also offers a great architecture to explore. Each of the designs in this area was crafted with an aesthetic value.

For instance, instead of using a regular door and wall, this palace uses doors and walls with a crafting design. Interestingly, the creators of the design crafted it in stone and attached it to the doors or walls.

Enjoy Balinese Dance Performance

People love to visit this place because it often holds Balinese dance performances. Imagine that you will enjoy a spectacular Balinese traditional performance for about 1.5 hours. Indeed, you must know the time when the dance performance starts if you want to enjoy it from the beginning. It is better to go to this palace around an hour before the performance so you can find a perfect spot to enjoy it. The traditional dance performance at Ubud Palace starts from 07.30 p.m. to 09.00 p.m. It is a great option if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Ubud.

Take Some Great Photos or Videos

The view and architecture in Ubud Palace are wonderful. That’s why you must bring your best camera and take as many photos or videos as you want. It is also a great location if you want to take pre-wedding or honeymoon photos.  Share the photos or videos with your friends on social media. Indeed, they will be curious and want to go to Ubud Palace just like you.    

Buy Some Unique Balinese Gifts

Shopping is one of the activities you can do while exploring Ubud Palace. All you have to do is explore a traditional market there known as Ubud Art Market. The location of this market is near the Ubud Palace.

So, you can check it before or after exploring the palace. It is the place where you can find some unique Balinese gifts, such as souvenirs, paintings, handicrafts, and many more. Some gifts were made by local Balinese artists.

The price of the gifts is also affordable enough to buy. This is the right time to find special gifts for your friends, family members, and colleagues. You can even buy for yourself to remember how memorable Ubud is once you go home.

Walk Through Campuhan Ridge Walk

The fun part is not done yet because you can also go to a place known as Campuhan Ridge Walk before or after visiting Ubud Palace. Campuhan Ridge Walk is also near the palace. You only need to walk for a few minutes to reach this area from Ubud Palace.

This area is a great place to relieve your stress and tension. You are about to walk by following the track while enjoying the fresh air and fantastic views. You can enjoy the palm trees and rice fields along the way.

Try to visit this place in the morning to get a great experience, such as watching the beautiful sunrise and fresh air. It seems that you are starting the morning in a good mood after spending time in Campuhan Ridge Walk for a while. Then, you can continue the trip to Ubud Palace.  

Enjoy Authentic Balinese Traditional Menu

No need to get confused about looking for the perfect place to eat. Ubud has one of the popular places known as Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. The location of this restaurant is not too far from Ubud Palace.

You can spend time in this restaurant before or after exploring Ubud Palace. Just like its name, Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant wants to offer an authentic taste of Balinese food and beverage. This restaurant serves a variety of popular traditional menus, such as Bebek Betutu, Satay Kebet Campur, Kakap Putih Mekukus, and many more. You can even find some menus that often serve only Balinese traditional ceremonies.

The taste of the menu is authentic since this restaurant hires a professional local chef. The chef is originally from Klungkung, yet he has enough experience in international culinary. As a result, the chef is about to serve an authentic Balinese menu with a modern touch.

Indeed, you can also order some international menus in this restaurant. The menu will satisfy your hunger and thirst after a few times exploring Ubud Palace and nearby destinations. Just check the complete information about the restaurant at

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