6 Great Alternatives to Celebrate Easter Day in Bali

IMG-6 Great Alternatives to Celebrate Easter Day in Bali

It sounds great to celebrate Easter in the other area. For example, you can go to Bali and celebrate this special ceremony with friends, family members, and relatives there. Here, we will discuss the things you can do while celebrating this ceremony in Bali. 

Painting on the Eggshells 

Just because you are in Bali doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything during Easter Day. The simplest thing you can do is buy some eggs. Indeed, there are so many stores in Bali that sell eggs. 

Bring the eggs to your hotel or villa. Then, boiled the eggs first to prevent them from cracking during this fun activity. After that, prepare some coloring tools, such as coloring nails or watercolors. 

The job is to paint on the eggshells. Painting on the eggshells is a fun activity to do, especially if you bring your kids to Bali. Best of all, it is the simplest activity to do so you can still celebrate Easter even if you are in another country. 

Decorate Easter Baskets 

Decorating an Easter basket is another fun thing to do even if you are in Bali. All you have to do is prepare some empty baskets. You can buy some traditional Balinese baskets if you don’t have it yet.

Remember to buy some decorative items and snacks for this fun project. Now, bring your family members, including your kids to decorate the baskets with the decorative items. 

Fill the basket with snacks once the basket is ready. It is considered a flexible activity since you can do it anywhere, including while you are in a hotel in Bali. 

Create Easter Masks 

Decorating eggs and baskets is not only a fun way to celebrate Easter in Bali. You can also let your family members, relatives, and friends create an Easter mask. All you have to do is prepare some thick paper, scissors, glue, decorative items, and paints. 

Let your family members create the most attractive and creative mask. It is a great activity since you can only stay in a hotel room.  

Hide the Eggs around the Room in the Hotel 

The Easter eggs are ready! Now, your family members are busy with decorating the baskets. It is the right time to hide the eggs and let them find them later. You can just hide the eggs around the room in the hotel.

Let your family members focus on decorating the baskets while you are hiding the eggs. Tell them to find the eggs around the room once the baskets are ready. 

It will be a fun and simple activity to do if you want to celebrate this special day even when you are in Bali. You can set the next activity while letting them look for the eggs.  

Gathering and Eating with the Entire Family Members in a Restaurant 

Set an intimate gathering with the entire family members instead of staying in the hotel and doing nothing. It is a great activity after looking for the eggs around the room. Your family members may be hungry after doing all the projects. Plus, they may be bored staying in the hotel room all day long. 

So, find a comfortable restaurant with great menus and ambiance in Bali. For example, Shrida Ubud Restaurant is a good option if you stay in Ubud. This restaurant is ready to prepare your special gathering with special menus. The chef is ready to serve Balinese traditional and international menus. 

Say you are curious about the taste of Balinese meals. If so, you can order specific menus, such as Betutu Chicken, Beef Rendang, Kebet Satay, and many more. Shrida Ubud Restaurant even launches special dishes, such as Shrida Fried Rice, Shrida Grilled Fish, and Shrida Fried Noodle. 

This restaurant is also ready to serve meals for gatherings, such as Megibung. It consists of 7 courses of Balinese dishes. Those who want to enjoy international dishes while in Bali can order pasta, steak, or pizza. Shrida Ubud Restaurant posts its complete menu on www.shridaubud.com.   

Joining Special Events in Bali 

Joining special events in Bali is a good option if you don’t have any idea how to celebrate Easter. You don’t need to get confused about the special events. Shrida Ubud Restaurant has a variety of special events for its customers. 

It seems that following the Balinese Mask Dance Ritual is a good idea to celebrate this special day. Those who want to enjoy the nightlife of Bali during this day just take one of the events at Shrida Ubud Restaurant, such as the Ultimate Beer Blast, Cocktail Fancy Hours, Girls Night Out, and many more. 

The most important thing is that you can celebrate Easter even if you are in Bali. We bet that you will get a new and memorable experience when doing it on this beautiful island. Go to Shrida Ubud Restaurant on Jalan Bisma, Ubud, Gianyar in case you want to set a special gathering or even if you don’t have any idea how to kill time in Bali. Book now and reserve your seat WA +62 851-7546-9700

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