The Special Easter Course at Shrida Ubud

IMG-The Special Easter Course at Shrida Ubud

Easter should be a special moment you can enjoy with your loved one. Taking your loved one for dinner at the best restaurant is recommended. Therefore, we suggest Shrida, The Taste of Ubud Restaurant or also known as Shrida Ubud for your destination. It is in Bali. So, you can enjoy your Easter holiday on this beautiful island.

Fortunately, Shrida Ubud has a special event on Easter Day. Here, we will show you what you can enjoy during that event. Guaranteed, you will get one of the best dining experiences at this beautiful restaurant.

The Opening Course

We divide this part into three categories. You can enjoy the welcome bread, Amuse Bouche, and the Appetizer. Let’s go into the details of each category.

The welcome bread section will let you enjoy the Moringa Bread with Beetroot Feta Whip. This combination is a delicious way to start your Easter dinner. It will open and stimulate your entire tasting sense, so you will be ready to enjoy the deliciousness of the Shrida Ubud Easter menu.

After the welcome bread section, the chef will serve Amuse Bouche. The Perfect Bite from the chef’s special recommendation will build the starting vibe to move to the next part, the Appetizer.

Then, before we move to the main course, the Appetizer will be served. For starters, you will enjoy Salmon Spinach and Ricotta Quiche Beetroot Salads. The fresh vegetables and fish with a strong Ricotta addition is the best way to start your trip to satisfy your palate at Shrida Ubud.

The Main Course

As usual, the best choice for a special dinner main course would be meat dishes. Shrida Ubud knew that and created a special dish for this Easter event. There are two main dishes in the main course section with several side dishes accompanying those two.

The main dishes of the Easter main course at Shrida Ubud are Grilled Chermoula Australian Lamb Leg with Chimichurri Sauce and Baby Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Meat Juice. The lamb leg dishes offer a delicious “chunk” of meat cooked on the grille to bring out its juice and umami natural taste of the lamb meat. The sauce gives it a more spiced taste, which makes every bite taste like heaven.

Baby roasted chicken dishes might sound lighter than the lamb leg. However, do not underestimate its ability to induce your palate satisfaction. Once you enjoy it, especially with special mushroom sauce, you won’t get over it with just one bite. The two main dishes offer a perfect harmony that makes your Easter dinner at Shrida Ubud an unforgettable moment.

As for the side dishes, you can get Potato Mousseline, Ratatouille, Sautéed Baby Green Beans, and Baby Carrot. The whole main course will be the most satisfying meal you can enjoy at the evening Easter event at Shrida Ubud. Now, after you are satisfied with the delicious flow of the Main Course, let’s move to the epilogue of this taste journey.

The Closing Course

To end your dinner time, you start by enjoying the sweet dessert. As for this part, you have two enjoyable dishes. The first one is the Carrot Cake. Made of fresh carrots, this cake will clean up your palate from all the heavy feelings you get after you enjoy the main course.

The other one is Hot Cross Bun. Easter dinner won’t be completed without enjoying this cute and delicious bread dish. Shrida Ubud’s chef made this bun with this restaurant trademark, so the taste would be different and more delicious than in other places.

The beverage choices for the Easter event at Shrida Ubud are Iced Water and Infused Water. They are fresh and make you feel more relaxed. Of course, if you want a different beverage, you can always order. Shrida Ubud has many collections of delicious drinks, from tea to cocktails and Vodka. Now, you have finished the entire Easter dinner course at Shrida Ubud.

Why Choose Shrida Ubud for Easter Dinner?

You might think it is all about Shrida Ubud’s delicious dishes. Yes, that is true. But, this restaurant is more than just delicious food. It is the combination of art, ambiance, and cooking.

Entering this restaurant feels like a fantasy world. The beautiful, artistic interior design and the live art performance give you something different. It is something you can’t find in other restaurants.

Do not forget about the scenery surrounding Shrida Ubud. If you have dinner on the 3rd floor, you will have a chance to enjoy this scenery. It will become the background of your special dinner moment.

Final Words

In short, whenever you want to create a special and unforgettable Easter dinner experience, Shrida Ubud is the answer. For more information about the Easter event at Shrida Ubud, you can visit its official website. Book now and reserve your seat WA +62 851-7546-9700

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