3 Most Critical Items For Worshiping Gods In Bali

IMG-3 Most Critical Items For Worshiping Gods In Bali

You will always see some items, such as Kwangen, flowers, and incense when visiting Bali. It is a common item in Bali because local people use it as a devotional tool. You will see these three items in most houses in Bali.  Indeed, Balinese people use these three items in a variety of traditional ceremonies. Here are the reasons why Balinese people use Kwangen, flowers, and incense in their worshiping rituals.


Kwangen comes from an ancient Javanese language that means smell good. The reason why Hindus use this item is because of the good fragrance. Hindus believe that they must serve something that smells good to their gods. It also represents that gods are beautiful, smell good, and sacred.

Local people also believe that this item triggers calmness, and pureness, and boosts their focus while worshiping gods. Kwangen is made of several materials, such as banana leaves, pandan leaves, and coconut leaves. This item is used as a bowl to put a variety of flowers that produce a good smell.

Nowadays, Kwangen is not only a worshipping item. People also use it as an ornament on their houses or buildings to show the authenticity of Bali. That’s why you will also see Kwangen in hotels, villas, apartments, and some public areas.

Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant is one of the examples. This restaurant wants to strengthen the Balinese ambiance. Because of that, they also put some Kwangen around the restaurant areas.


Indeed, you will also see a variety of colorful flowers in Bali. People often put flowers in their worshiping areas at home or in buildings. According to Hinduism, flowers have two main meanings. 

First, the flower symbolizes gods or Shiva. Second, they also use flowers as special inscriptions. That’s why Hindus always put a flower on their fingers while worshiping their gods. Yet, Hindus are not using all types of flowers. Some flowers are not allowed to be used in worshiping gods. For example, they don’t use flowers that have not bloomed yet, wilted flowers, fallen flowers, and flowers taken from the cemetery. Lotus is one of the best flowers for worshiping gods.

They use a combination of red, white, blue, yellow, and green flowers for most traditional rituals. The common flowers used in Hindu rituals include red roses, ylang-ylang, frangipani, Cempaka, and many more. The most important thing is that they must use fresh, clean, and smell-good flowers. People will put the flowers in some places, including Kwangen. Just like Kwangen, flowers are not only a ritual tool in Bali. It becomes a beautiful ornament in most houses and buildings in Bali. As a restaurant that wants to show the authenticity of Bali, Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant also put some flowers in some spots in the restaurant.

This restaurant even has specific events that use flowers as the main ornaments. Say you want to set a romantic dinner with the beauty of Ubud as the background in this restaurant. The staff will prepare the spot and decorate the dining area with a variety of colorful flowers.


Incense is also one of the most critical items for worshiping gods in Bali. This item spreads a good smell when you are burning the top of it. The use of incense in worshiping gods for Hindus has a strong relation to why they use Kwangen and flowers.  All these items produce a good and strong smell. It represents the characteristics of gods. In the case of incense, this item represents Agni, one of the gods.

Hindus also believe that the smoke of incense represents guidance to the gods or Hyang Widhi. Just like the smoke that flies to the sky and is finally gone. Another reason why Hindus use incense for worshiping gods is also because they believe that the smoke can burn off the evils and other negative things in our hearts and minds. As a result, you are pure and bring a positive vibe while worshiping gods.

The Place to Fell the Sensation of Bali

It seems hard to see these items closer even in specific Balinese ceremonies. Some Balinese will forbid strangers to touch the items since it is an inscription. No need to worry about that because you can see all the items by visiting Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. The restaurant is not only serving an authentic Balinese menu but also the atmosphere.

That’s why they also bring Kwangen, flowers, and incense in the restaurant as an ornament. As a result, you feel a strong Balinese ambiance once you enter the restaurant.

The point is that learning about Bali is not only by visiting the ancient temples or sacred places. You can even learn it by visiting a specific restaurant, such as Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. The authenticity of Bali in this restaurant gives you more perspective about Bali. Get more information about this restaurant, menu, events, and booking process by visiting www.shridaubud.com

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