When Tradition Meets Innovation: Tasting the Unique Cuisine at Shrida Taste of Ubud

IMG-When Tradition Meets Innovation: Tasting the Unique Cuisine at Shrida Taste of Ubud

Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant is well-known because of its unique cuisine. Guests were also satisfied with the authenticity of the flavor. It feels that you are eating local Balinese meals with outstanding serving. Here, we will show you some unique cuisine you must try when visiting this restaurant. 

Balinese Tuna Tartare 

Balinese Tuna Tartare is one of the recommended dishes you must try for a light bite appetizer. This menu is made of high-quality tuna, shallot relish, and long beans. The things that make this menu unique are the Balinese yellow paste and crispy parmesan. 

You will not find this menu in other areas or countries. So, take this opportunity to taste the unique flavor of Balinese Tuna Tartare at Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. 

Jukut Undis 

The name of this sounds strange for those who are visiting Bali for the first time. Jukut Undis is one of the traditional Balinese soups. This menu is made of black bean, eggplant, and chayote squash. The chef cooks the ingredients with other ingredients to create a fresh, light, and delicious taste. Indeed, your temptation to taste other menus in front of your table will be higher even before finishing this soup. 

Indonesian Vegetable Curry 

You may have tried curry in other countries, yet Indonesian vegetable curry serves something different. Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant’s chef is about to mix carrots, baby green beans, cauliflower, capsicum, and mushrooms. 

The chef cooks all the ingredients with additional herbs to create yellow curry. You can enjoy Indonesian vegetable curry with a bowl of steamed rice. This menu not only satisfies your hunger but also leaves something memorable in your mouth. 

Sate Kebet Campur 

You may also be curious about some traditional meals you saw in Balinese ceremonies. If so, just go to Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant and order Sate Kebet Campur. This satay often appears in Balinese ceremonies. 

This menu is made of beef, chicken, and lamb and served with sayur urap (mixed vegetable), peanut sauce, and sweet soy chili sauce. You will taste something different because the chef also serves sambal ulek and rice cake as the condiment of this menu. 

Ayam Betutu 

Most people who have visited Bali will recommend you try Ayam Betutu. Yes! You must try this Balinese traditional meal. Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant is also ready with this menu. The chef is about to slowly cook the high-quality chicken, along with Balinese spices.

That’s why Ayam Betutu has a strong herb aroma, and it smells great! Ayam Betutu in this restaurant is served with a long bean salad, steamed rice, and three types of sambals.    


Ayam Betutu is not the only menu for Balinese ceremonies but also Megibung. This meal is perfect for those who want to share with friends or family members. Balinese people will cook Megibung in a big portion so they can share the meal later. 

The philosophy behind Megibung is togetherness and equality. Everyone can join the group to enjoy all the meals served in Megibung. At Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant, Megibung consists of 7 different Balinese dishes, such as appetizers, soup, and dessert. 

Tapay Cheesecake 

Tapay Cheesecake is another unique meal in this restaurant. It is one of the perfect desserts after completing the main course. Tapay is a fermented cassava. 

The chef will mix it with cream cheese, strawberry, coulis, and blueberry. The most unique part of this dessert is the use of edible soil. The taste of Tapay cheesecake will be perfect with chocolate sauce and raspberry sorbet. 

Bebek Shrida 

Balinese people also often serve a duck in some traditional ceremonies. You can taste the juicy and soft texture of the duck in this restaurant. The chef is about to cook the duck twice. 

Then, the main ingredient is mixed with fern tip, red beans, and pickled Salak. Bebek Shrida is perfect if you eat it with three traditional sambals and steamed rice. 

Shrida’s Jamoe

You can also find a uniqueness in the drinks. Shrida’s Jamoe is one of the non-alcoholic drinks you must try. It is a mixture of some healthy ingredients, such as carrot, turmeric, honey, and lemon juice. 

In Indonesia, including Bali Jamoe or Jamu means a healthy drink. It seems that you will get your stamina back and refresh your metabolism after drinking Shrida’s Jamoe.

Indeed, there are other great dishes you must try when visiting Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. You can check the complete menu by visiting its official website, www.shridaubud.com. Your mouth, stomach, and even your eyes will be satisfied with the food and beverage in this restaurant. 

One thing is for sure, Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant tries to serve the authentic Balinese flavor with a unique modern touch. It feels like you eat something that the local Balinese eat after trying the menus in this restaurant. Best of all, you can enjoy the menu alone or with friends, family, and colleagues.     

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