The Right Place To Get Authentic Base Genep-Based Dishes in Ubud, Bali

IMG-The Right Place To Get Authentic Base Genep-Based Dishes in Ubud, Bali

The Right Place To Get Authentic Base Genep-Based Dishes in Ubud, Bali – Visiting Bali is incomplete without tasting the local menu. It is even your luck if you can taste the secret recipe there. The good news is that looking for local Balinese dishes is straightforward now. 

You can visit a specific restaurant, such as Shrida Ubud. This restaurant serves a variety of local Balinese dishes, including a Balinese spice paste known as Base Genep. 

About Base Genep 

Base Genep is one of the most recommended authentic Balinese dishes you must try when visiting Bali, especially Ubud. The special thing on this menu is the Balinese spice paste that you can’t find in other countries. It gives a kicking sensation in your mouth once you eat it. 

Some Indonesian dishes use this spice paste but with a little bit of modification based on the area. It is considered a complex ingredient. That’s why Balinese people also call Base Genep a complete seasoning or big seasoning. 

Balinese Base Genep Recipe 

Balinese Base Genep is a complex paste. Imagine that Balinese people are using up to 15 different spices and herbs. No wonder that the taste of this paste is strong enough in the dish. Base Genep ingredients are including galangal, aromatic ginger, red chili, ginger, garlic, and red onion. 

They will add other ingredients, such as turmeric, lemon grass, coriander, and candle nut. You may taste the spicy flavor when testing this paste. This is because Balinese people use two types of chili, which are red chili and cayenne pepper. 

They often also mix this paste with coconut milk to make it more liquid. Then, they use it to marinate meat or fish. You can even add this paste a little bit to fried rice or noodles. The taste of your fried rice and noodles will be more delicious. Now, you can imagine how strong the taste is, whether for seasoning or marinating paste, right?    

Base Genep-Based Balinese Dishes 

Base Genep is a multifunction seasoning. Balinese people often use this paste to cook curries, soups, and stews. They even use this paste for marinating meat and fish. Shrida Ubud chef also applies this paste to the dishes. 

For instance, this restaurant offers cow meat-based soup. The chef cooks the cow meat with a variety of ingredients, including tomato cherry, carrot, leek, potato, and many more. Then, he adds beef broth and Base Genep paste. 

The taste of this soup is great and fresh since it was cooked slowly. Satay Kebet Campur is another example of a Base Genep-based dish. This menu is using beef, chicken, and lamb. The chef marinates the main ingredients with Base Genep paste for a few hours. 

The chef grills the meat for a few minutes. The burning aroma and the tasty spice paste trigger your mood to eat it right away. The flavor is fantastic when enjoying the satay with mixed salad, peanut sauce, sweet soy chili sauce, and rice cake. 

Base Genep is also perfect for fish, such as grilled fish. Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant prepares a special menu known as grilled fish Shrida. This dish uses snapper fish. 

The fresh snapper fish is marinated in Base Genep paste for a few minutes. Then, it is grilled at a certain level. In this restaurant, grilled fish Shrida is served with mixed salad, ginger flower relish, and steamed rice. 

Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant Uses Authentic Balinese Base Genep 

Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Ubud, Bali that uses authentic Base Genep. It is because the restaurant is not only using local ingredients from local Balinese farmers but also hiring a Balinese chef. Base Genep can be said as a signature for Balinese people, especially a chef. 

Indeed, the Base Genep is great, since the chef uses his cooking experience to make this seasoning paste. Then, he uses this paste in several dishes in Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. As a result, you are about to get delicious Balinese dishes to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. 

Indeed, it will be perfect to enjoy the food and beverage while enjoying the Balinese ambiance inside the restaurant. Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant combines these two elements to serve something unforgettable to its beloved guests. You are about to feel the modern ambiance without losing the Balinese atmosphere once you enter the restaurant. Enjoy Base Genep-based dishes alone, with your beloved family, colleagues, or best friends. 

Book a Table at Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant to Taste Delicious Base Genep-Based Dishes 

So, you don’t need to get confused anymore to find a restaurant in Ubud that serves dishes with Base Genep paste. All you have to do is book a table at Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant. The chef and his team know how to serve perfect dishes with the addition of Base Genep paste. 

As a result, you will taste authentic Balinese delicious dishes in this restaurant. Book your table online at You can also call the customer service on +62 85175489700 to book a table. The location of Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant is on Bisma Street, Ubud, Gianyar.   

The Right Place To Get Authentic Base Genep-Based Dishes in Ubud, Bali – Visiting Bali is incomplete without tasting the local menu.

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