Shrida Ubud – The Top Resto Ubud Hits Your Gourmet Experience

IMG-Shrida Ubud – The Top Resto Ubud Hits Your Gourmet Experience

Ubud popularity among many tourists comes from many things. One of them is many restaurants and a variety of cuisine you can enjoy in this area. However, if you want to try the best place, the resto Ubud hits, there is only one thing that we can recommend. It is Shrida Ubud, a famous restaurant that gives you a different experience of enjoying your meals.

The Foods

Shrida Ubud offers various foods that come from many places. You can find Indonesian and Balinese foods here. For example, you can enjoy Bebek Betutu, Megibung, Gado-Gado, and many more. They are prepared with local and fresh ingredients and authentic cooking techniques to produce the original taste you can’t find elsewhere.

Western and other famous international foods are also available in this restaurant. Pasta, burgers, and club sandwiches are some examples of foods you can enjoy in this resto Ubud hits. They could be the best alternative if you miss the international foods you ate before.

The Places

Shrida Ubud restaurant has three floors with different themes. The first floor has a big dining room for them to enjoy the homey-feeling meal time. The second floor is the bar, where you can have fun.

But, our favorite is the third floor, where you can have more intimate dining. It is also the floor that offers the Ubud restaurant best view. You can enjoy the scenery surrounding the restaurant or stargazing with your loved one.

Eating in this restaurant itself feels like a vacation. The beautiful interior decoration and the peaceful vibe allow you to enjoy the taste of food without any disturbance. It is the place where you can relax and forget any problems you have in your life. It is only you and Shrida Ubud’s delicious food.

The Service Quality

The staff are all very helpful and kind to the customer. They know how to make you feel comfy and enjoy your time here. Coupled with big portions of their food, you will return to your home or hotel with nothing but satisfaction. Because it has many spaces, you also can take your entire family or friends.


You might get many recommended restaurants and cafes in Ubud. However, for the authentic taste and the best gourmet experience, Shrida Ubud is the best choice for you. So, whenever you have time to visit Ubud, do not forget to put this restaurant on your trip list. Enjoy your time at this resto Ubud hits!

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