7 Shrida Desserts to Sweeten Your Romantic Dinner Ubud Experience

IMG-7 Shrida Desserts to Sweeten Your Romantic Dinner Ubud Experience

7 Shrida Desserts to Sweeten Your Romantic Dinner Ubud Experience – Shrida restaurant in Ubud is a great place to go when you want to enjoy a romantic dinner ubud experience. You have various delicious dishes to choose from on the menu from Balinese to Western dishes. The main course might be crucial for every dinner, but since you have a romantic dinner, you must not forget to sweeten up the whole experience by ordering these desserts.

Opera Chocolate Cake

The first dessert option to choose at Shrida is opera chocolate cake. You will get a sweet combination of edible soil, vanilla gelato, caramel sauce, and vanilla bean sauce. The combination of a strong chocolate flavor, caramel, and vanilla must be heavenly.

Chocolate Fondant

Another great dessert option is available for chocolate lovers since Shrida is the Best Restaurant in Ubud that can understand your preference better. Chocolate fondant consists of strawberry coulis drizzled with caramel sauce and vanilla bean sauce on cinnamon crumble. It is also served with vanilla gelato.

Tape Cheesecake

If you want to enjoy dessert with a little bit of local delicacy to end your romantic dinner ubud, Shrida has tape cheesecake to offer. It is made from fermented cassava called tape combined with cream cheese, strawberry coulis, edible soil, blueberry compote, chocolate sauce, and raspberry sorbet. This kind of dessert cannot be found easily anywhere but at Shrida restaurant, for sure.

Carrot Cake

For you who do not want something too sweet for dessert, carrot cake can be a great choice. It is served with strawberry coulis, vanilla sauce, cream cheese, and mango sorbet. You can taste a bit of tropical freshness in this dessert that can be suitable with the Bali vibe the most.

Apple Pie

Something classic and feels like home will never go wrong for ending your romantic dinner. In this circumstance, you might want to get an order of Apple pie at Shrida restaurant. It might be a homey dessert but it is escalated to the next level since it is served with butterscotch sauce, vanilla gelato, and cinnamon crumble. The combination makes your apple pie taste much better, for sure.

Scoop Gelato

There is nothing wrong with ending your dinner at Shrida restaurant with a simple dessert such as a scoop of gelato. Since the main course can be pretty grand already, a scoop of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry gelato will bring freshness to your palate. It might be simple but it can sweeten up your romantic dinner ubud at Shrida restaurant with no doubt at all.

7 Shrida Desserts to Sweeten Your Romantic Dinner – Here is a dessert recommendation to end your romantic dinner ubud at Shrida restaurant.

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