5 Tips to Choose and Find The Best Ubud Restaurant

IMG-5 Tips to Choose and Find The Best Ubud Restaurant

Have you found the best Ubud restaurant to start your gourmet trip in Bali? For those who have problems getting the best restaurant in Ubud, we have tips here for you. These tips help you to find the best restaurant for starting your gourmet trip.

Visit Early

Visit early to see what the restaurant looks like at an earlier hour. If the place is bustling with activity, like preparing ingredients and such, that means that the restaurant is ready to give you the best gourmet experience. Visiting early also helps you avoid the queue and get the freshest food.

Restaurant Condition

Take a look at the restaurant’s condition. The exterior should look maintained and have no damage. Then, you can enter the place and see the interior design and hygiene. A restaurant with the Ubud restaurant best view mostly will also give you the best meal experience.

The First Thing On Table

See the condition of the edible bite on its table, including water. If it is stale and not fresh, the rest of the food could follow that trend. On the other hand, a delicious first edible bite will guarantee you also get the best meal.

Use Your Eyes

Do not judge the book by its cover; that is a famous proverb for your life. However, to find the best Ubud restaurant, you should use your eyes to judge its food. No need to order and judge it directly. Use the customer review and see the photo they included.

Compare them with the food picture on that restaurant’s website. If you find any difference, especially if the customer’s photo looks unappetizing; you should reconsider visiting that restaurant. On the other hand, if you feel the photo looks almost the same and has a good response, visit that place!

Menu Portion

It doesn’t mean you must visit a restaurant that serves a big portion. The best restaurant in Ubud gives you the right portion that allows you to enjoy the food and feel satisfied with that food. Some even give you a big portion with delicious taste, such as Shrida Ubud with its Megibung menu.

Final Words

The last thing we want to add might be using a reference or review from a trusted source. They will be able to help you to learn more about the restaurant in Ubud you want to visit. Of course, visiting that restaurant’s official website is also another way to learn more about them. Once you are done, you will get the best Ubud restaurant of your choice.

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