5 Most Popular Indonesian Herbs and Their Health Benefits

IMG-5 Most Popular Indonesian Herbs and Their Health Benefits

Indonesia is the island of herbs! Imagine that there are over 400 types of herbs on this beautiful island. Indonesian people, including Balinese people, love to use herbs for cooking foods and making drinks. Here, we will share some types of herbs in Indonesia used in Indonesian cuisine and their health benefits. 


Pepper is one of the top herbs in Indonesia. Indonesian people use this ingredient to cook a variety of foods. In specific, Balinese people also use it to cook Ayam Betutu, grilled beef, beef rendang, and many more. They use this ingredient to strengthen the spicy taste of the meals. 

Interestingly, pepper also has some essential compounds that are good for your health. For instance, this herb contains a decongestant that is good for the respiratory tract. You can also eat some meals with pepper to keep your body warm in winter. Pepper is also good for those who are suffering from the flu. 

The antioxidants in this herb are also higher. Because of that, pepper is a great herb to fight against free radicals, cancer, heart diseases, and many more. Try to consume pepper if you have digestive issues. This ingredient contains Piperin that is healthy enough to keep your digestive system healthy. 


Clove is the next popular herb in Indonesia. Just like pepper, clove also has incredible health benefits. For example, this ingredient has a specific compound known as Beta carotene that produces carotene pigment. The body’s metabolism will change carotene pigments into vitamin A. You can keep the health of your eyes when consuming cloves. 

Consume enough clove if you are suffering from inflammation issues. The Eugenol in this herb will help to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms caused by inflammation. Clove is also a source of antioxidants that are powerful enough to protect the body from a variety of degenerative diseases. 

The essential compounds in cloves also help to strengthen your liver. Consuming clove regularly will also reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. Some elderly people suffer from osteoporosis. Yet, you can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in your elderly age by consuming enough cloves. Clove is clinically proven as the source of specific compounds that can strengthen bone mass.  


Some Indonesian meals use ginger as one of the ingredients. Ginger is also one of the most popular herbs in Indonesia. Indonesian people are not only using this ingredient for cooking but also for drinks and herbal or traditional medicine. The shogaol and gingerol in ginger are powerful enough to reduce inflammation reactions. 

Diabetes sufferers should also consume ginger to control their blood sugar levels. Thanks to Gingerol it can optimize the insulin hormone. Indonesian people often consume ginger to reduce a variety of digestive issues and symptoms, such as heartburn, bloating, GERD, and many more. 

Those who want to control their weight also need to try to consume ginger. Gingerol in ginger helps to break and burn fat faster. At the same time, the compounds in ginger prevent your body from absorbing too many fats. 

Ginger is also good for your heart since it helps to reduce cholesterol levels faster. Some bioactive compounds can reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow, and reduce the risk of blood clotting.  


Indonesian people use turmeric to strengthen the flavor of their meals. They also use this herb to get a beautiful and natural yellow hue. Because of the essential compounds in turmeric, Indonesian people also use it for traditional medicine and beauty treatments. 

Turmeric contains antioxidants, anti-inflammation, and anti-bacterial that are great for strengthening the body’s metabolism and immune system. You can’t get easily sick if you are consuming turmeric regularly. You can try to treat eczema, kidney issues, and skin infections by using turmeric. 

You only have to mix turmeric and black pepper in a glass of water. Drink this mixture regularly to see the result. Slowly but surely, your skin problems are about to reduce or even gone. 

The antioxidants in turmeric can also help to keep your digestive system working optimally. At the same time, the essential compounds work as a shield for the digestive system. 


Lemongrass is another popular herb in Indonesia. Indonesian people even plant this herb in their gardens so they can easily harvest it whenever they need it. Lemongrass is also one of the common ingredients in some Indonesian cuisines. 

Interestingly, lemongrass is not only strengthening the taste of the meals but also giving some health benefits. This herb has a specific compound known as antimicrobial that can fight against bacteria. This essential compound is effective enough to treat skin, blood, intestine, and lung infections. 

Lemongrass also has anti-fungus that can kill a variety of fungi. Because of that, this herb can help to cure a variety of skin issues. Chlorogenate, Isoorientine, and Swertia Japonica are also types of antioxidants available in lemongrass. It has a powerful positive effect to fight against free radicals that can disturb and even kill healthy cells in the body.  

The point is that there are so many herbs you can find in Indonesia. You can even find and taste some meals and drinks made of these herbs in Ubud, Bali. Just go to Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant and taste the authentic Indonesian flavor. One of the secrets of the authentic taste is that the menu uses local herbs.

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