Things to Prepare for Nyepi in Bali if You Are a Foreigner

IMG-Things to Prepare for Nyepi in Bali if You Are a Foreigner

There is a time when you will see that Bali is so quiet! During this time, people are not allowed to come out of the house. They are not even allowed to turn on the lights and sounds. 

You still have to follow this tradition even if you are a foreign traveler. In Bali, this traditional ceremony is known as Nyepi Day. Let’s talk about it below so you can follow the situation while in Bali during this ceremony. 

About Nyepi Day in Bali 

Balinese people celebrate the Day of Silence based on the Balinese Calendar. In 2024, this ceremony was started from March 11th, 2024 to March 12th, 2024. In this case, Balinese people must stay at home from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. the next morning. They are not allowed to turn the television, radio, or even mobile phone on during the Day of Silence. 

The main purpose of this ceremony is to ask Balinese people to reflect on themselves. The rituals on the Day of Silence include no fire and electricity, no working, no traveling, and no self-entertainment. A day before the Day of Silence ceremony, Bali is crowded because the people celebrate Ngerapuk and Ogoh-Ogoh. It is a ritual to fight against bad things and evils before the Day of Silence. 

After reflecting on themselves for 24 hours, the Balinese will visit their families, neighbors, and relatives. They will forgive each other and recite religious scriptures, such as Sloka and Kekidung. 

Foreigners in Bali During Nyepi 

What about if you are a foreigner and in Bali during Nyepi? As a foreigner who stays in Bali during the Day of Silence, you must follow the rules of this ceremony. It means that you must stay at the hotel or villa during the silence time. 

You are not allowed to go to the beaches and streets. There will be the Pecalang or traditional Balinese security who will patrol around the island to ensure that no one breaks the rules.

Things You Must Prepare Before Nyepi as a Foreigner 

You must follow the rules since it is a tradition in Bali. Relax! It is not a problem as long as you are preparing yourself well. Here are the things you must prepare before the Day of Silence as a foreigner who stays in Bali. 

Food and Beverage 

Indeed, you can’t go outside freely during this event. That’s why you must prepare enough food and beverages. The good news is that there are a lot of restaurants in Bali that will support you in preparing for the Day of Silence. 

Say you stay in Ubud during this ceremony. If so, you can go to Shrida Ubud Restaurant. This restaurant serves a variety of food and beverages for local and foreign customers. The reason why you must order meals from this restaurant is the authenticity of the food flavor. Here is an example of the menu: 


  1. Beef Spring Rolls 
  2. BBQ Chicken Wings
  3. Prawn Tempura 
  4. Soup
  5. Salad 
  6. Sandwiches and Burgers

Main Course:

  1. Fried Rice 
  2. Fried Noodle 
  3. Betutu Chicken 

You can also order some non-alcoholic drinks, such as a variety of fresh juices, coconut water, and many more. Check the complete menu by visiting

Check-In to Your Hotel At Least a Day Before the Day of Silence 

Hotels and villas in Bali close their activities during the Day of Silence. That’s why you should check in or out from the hotel at least a day before the Day of Silence. As a result, you are not trapped on the hotel or this island because of this ceremony. Indeed, this rule will not disturb your other activities. 

Things You Can Do After the Day of Silence 

Say you have decided to stay in Bali and join the Day of Silence ceremony. If so, you can stay at the hotel or villa pleasantly. You can sleep or enjoy the silent moment in Bali before seeing the normal activities on the next morning. 

Just like Balinese people do after the Day of Silence, you can also go to a specific place to gather with your family members, friends, and relatives. For example, you can reserve a table at Shrida Ubud Restaurant for a gathering after this traditional ceremony. Some foreigners do it because this restaurant has a great ambiance. 

You can still feel the atmosphere of Bali once you enter the restaurant. Shrida Ubud Restaurant also has a variety of special events for its customers, such as Balinese Cultural Night, Harmony in Cuisine, Food Festive, and many more. Check the official website to get the complete information and reserve a table for one of the special events.   So, there is nothing to worry about Nyepi in Bali. It is only a one-day traditional ceremony. You will be okay and get a new experience as long as you have prepared everything well. Then, you can celebrate your success on following the Day of Silence in Bali by going to Shrida Ubud Restaurant with family members, friends, and relatives. Book now and reserve your seat WA +62 851-7546-9700

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