Shrida Taste of Ubud, Satisfy Your Heart and Palate

IMG-Shrida Taste of Ubud, Satisfy Your Heart and Palate

Shrida Taste of Ubud, Satisfy Your Heart and Palate – People want to see the unique Balinese culture whenever they have a trip to Bali. They also want to enjoy Balinese beautiful nature. This trip will become the best way to relax and recover from stress. It is a great escape from your stressful daily routine. 

Other than that, Bali also has a pack of mouthwatering dishes that will satisfy your palate and stomach. And, Shrida Taste of Ubud knew about that.

What is Shrida Taste of Ubud?

Shrida Taste of Ubud is the best destination whenever you want to satisfy your curiosity about how delicious Balinese food is. Yes, this restaurant offers one of the best services in this business, which you can only find in Bali. Its unique concept, which merges art and cuisine, also creates an extraordinary experience in enjoying delicious and healthy dishes prepared by the expert.

Where to Find Shrida Taste at Ubud Restaurant?

From its name, we believe you already can guess the location of this restaurant. This restaurant is in one of the famous destinations of Bali trip, Ubud. People say that your trip to Bali is incomplete without visiting the center of Balinese art, Ubud. So, while you complete your trip do not forget to spend your time enjoying a delicious meal at this beautiful and artistic restaurant.

The Appearance

Try to ask anyone who has visited Shrida Taste of Ubud Restaurant about what this restaurant looks like. They will answer the same. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

That is no surprising answer. Shrida Taste of Ubud restaurant used Balinese traditional and modern elements combination for its design. The natural beauties of Bali attract people from around the world to enter the design concept. Then, it merges with modern art to create a beauty you might never see.

Shrida also hosts many performances and entertainments. Many of them are cultural shows. They also have live music performances to accompany your meal time here.

It says when you visit Shrida, you will enjoy an artistic dining experience. The combination of art and cuisine is a revolutionary way to serve the guests. It satisfies your palate and heart at the same time.

The One Responsible for Shrida’s Beautiful Appearance

When you visit Shrida Taste of Ubud, you can see beautiful interior elements with high art value. Those are thanks to Mr. Srihadi Soedarsono, the owner of Shrida Taste of Ubud. He created those artworks that improve the beauty elements of this restaurant.

Srihadi himself was a legendary maestro painter from Indonesia. His artistic style started from synthetic geometry. Then, his art evolved into more abstract forms that included various shapes using paper cutouts and color.

You can only find how Mr. Srihadi expressed his artistic feelings in Shrida Taste of Ubud. His art changed the ordinary wall in Shrida into a gallery of masterpieces. Enjoy them while tasting the delicious menu of Shrida.

The Menu

You can find various types of menus in Shrida from Western, Indonesian, and Eastern, to traditional Balinese menus you can only find on this island. All those delicious menus were born from the hand of Chef Made Suwendra.

He is the man behind Shrida’s kitchen which uses a unique combination of food and art. We can say that Shrida’s kitchen is his field. It is the place for him to express his cooking skills to create delicious meals for you. The delicious taste and beautiful appearance are two elements that make Shrida’s food always keep lingering in visitors’ minds.

The Shrida’s menu also is influenced by Balinese local culture. Balinese culture and history gave birth to a unique culinary style. Shrida also embraced that manner and constructed a distinctive menu. It is a menu that combines food and art, to create authentic Balinese food.

The Layout

Interestingly, Shrida is not only about delicious food. It is also not only thinking about the beautiful decoration with a masterpiece by Mr. Srihadi. They also think about how to create the best experience for anyone who enjoys Shrida’s menu here.

Therefore, the restaurant also applies unique Artistic Table Settings. Shrida Restaurant believes that the seating layout has the same importance as the food it serves. This layout can create a different experience you can’t find in other restaurants.

The table setting in Shrida Taste of Ubud restaurant allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Your meal time in Shrida Taste of Ubud will feel like nothing but a good time.


Shrida Taste of Ubud is the definition of Balinese art and cuisine, the taste and beauty, plus the satisfaction of one’s palate and mind. Therefore, whenever you have time, you should enjoy the food here. Shrida will give you the best food. Then, the beautiful art also gives you a chance to satisfy your eyes with the masterpiece of one of Indonesian legendary painters.

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