Ocean Delicacies for Fine Dining Ubud at Shrida Restaurant

IMG-Ocean Delicacies for Fine Dining Ubud at Shrida Restaurant

Ocean Delicacies for Fine Dining Ubud at Shrida Restaurant – Bali is well-known for its ocean delicacies, but people might not consider Ubud when they want to try delicious seafood in Ubud. Nevertheless, you will get a fine dining Ubud experience with ocean delicacies at Shrida restaurant. Here are some dishes from the ocean you can try at Shrida Ubud.


The ocean flavor is available as an appetizer. At Shrida restaurant, you can order Balinese tuna tartare made from diced tuna combined with long beans, shallot relish, crispy parmesan, and Balinese yellow paste. If you are not into raw seafood, you can order prawn tempura instead since it is made from prawn, tempura flour, garlic aioli, as well as soy chili sauce.


People might be familiar with seafood soup from Thailand. However, Bali also has its traditional seafood soup called kuah be pasih. The soup comes with prawns, squid, fish, clams, lime, and young papaya in turmeric broth. The refreshing flavor combination of this Balinese traditional seafood soup is served with beautiful plating that can meet the standard of fine dining ubud.

Main Course

The main course can tell you why Shrida Ubud became the Best Restaurant in Ubud. You can find dishes from different countries and ingredients. Of course, you have various dishes with seafood ingredients in this restaurant. Even when you order mie goreng and nasi goreng Shrida, you will get grilled prawn as a condiment for your fried noodles and fried rice.

Ikan Bakar Shrida with its local cooking style will grab your attention. Grilled snapper is served with sayur urap, steamed rice, and ginger flower relish. Another local Balinese flavor can also be found in Kakap Putih Mekukus where steamed snapper is served with steamed rice, sayur urap, kemangi pesto, ginger gelle, and dabu-dabu sauce.

Next, you do not have to leave Ubud and head to Jimbaran to enjoy grilled seafood. Shrida restaurant also has grilled Jimbaran lobster, jumbo prawn, barramundi, and salmon. It sounds like the restaurant brings Jimbaran to Ubud so you do not have to go that far to enjoy grilled seafood when you are in Ubud.

Sandwich, Pasta, and Mini Bites

Shrida might be a fine dining ubud restaurant, but you can also find some simple dishes at this place. More importantly, some of them are made from seafood, such as snapper stack. If you want to eat pasta, there is also spaghetti prawn aglio olio while crispy calamari can be a perfect snack that can make seafood lovers smile from ear to ear.

Ocean Delicacies for Fine Dining Ubud at Shrida Restaurant – Shrida restaurant can serve seafood for your fine dining ubud.

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