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Pomelo Salad

Mixed lettuce, Balinese orange, mango, cucumber, red tomato cherry, lemon dressing, ginger flower

85k (v) (df) (gf)

Ceasar Salad

Organic Baby romaine leaves, chicken croquette, anchovy dressing, poached egg, and parmesan tuile



Mixed vegetables rolled in white cabbage, emping melinjo, and tomato cherry,boiled quail egg, peanut sauce

75k (vg) (n)

Beetroot salad

Mixed vegetables rolled in white cabbage, emping melinjo, and tomato cherry,boiled quail egg, peanut sauce

125K (v) (df) (gf)


Prawn Tempura

Prawn,tempura flour,garlic aioli and soy chili sauce


Vegetable Summer Rolled

Mixed Vegetables rolled in rice paper and served with sweet chili sauce

75k (vg) (df)

Beef spring rolls

Roll of pastry filled with minced beef and vegetables served with sweet chili sauce

85k (df)

Balinese Tuna Tartare

Dice tuna,Shallot relish,long beans,balinese yellow paste and crispy parmesan

95k (gf)


Sop Sapi

Slow-cooked beef brisket , tomato cherry, carrot,leek, daikon,potato, celery and beef broth

95k (df)

Jukut undis

Traditional Balinese black bean soup,eggplant and chayote squash

75k (v) (df)

Butternut Squash Soup

Toasted pumpkin seeds,creme fraiche and garlic bread

95k (vg)

Soto Ayam

Shredded chicken, boiled egg, glass noodles,vegetable, yellow spice and broth

79k (df)

Kuah be pasih

Balinese style soup with Prawn, Fish, squid, clams,lime,young papaya and turmeric broth

95k (df)

Main Course Asian Selections

Thai Chicken Green Curry

Thai green curry style, breast of chicken, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf, carrot, green bean,Served with steamed rice

115k (df) (gf)

Indonesian Vegetable curry

Indonesian yellow curry style, Carrot, baby green bean, cauliflower, capsicum, mushrooms and Served with steam rice

105k (v) (df) (gf)

Beef Rendang

ISlow cooked beef short ribs with coconut and traditional spices served with steamed rice, cassava leaf prawn crackers and sambal ijo

145k (df) (gf)

Mie Goreng Sridha

ISpecial fried noodles served with chicken satay, grilled prawn, shredded egg, prawn Crackers, peanut sauce, sambal ulek and pickled vegetables

105K (df) (gf)

Kung pao chicken

Pan Fried chicken Leg with dried chili pepper sauce and served with steamed rice

129k (df) (n)

Ikan Bakar Shrida

Grilled snapper ,sayur urap,steamed rice and ginger flower relish

145k (df) (gf)

Chinese Black Pepper Beef

Stir fry beef with black pepper sauce, capsicum, onion, served with steamed rice

145k (df)

Sate Kebet Campur

Two poached eggs on toasted english muffin, with spinach and hollandaise sauce and your choice of: Smoked Salmon 80K or Smoked Beef Ham 75K

155k (df) (gf)

Bebek Shrida

Bebek Shrida

Twiced cooked duck,fern tip,red beans,Snake fruit pickled served with three kind of sambal and steamed rice

155K (df) (gf)

Kakap Putih Mekukus

Steamed snapper.sayur urap,kemangi pesto,ginger gelle,steamed rice and dabu-dabu sauce

145k (df) (gf)

Ayam Panggang Shrida

Grilled chicken ,young papaya salad,yellow rice,ginger flower relish and sambal ulek

145k (df)(gf)

Ayam Betutu

Slow cooked chicken in balinese spices ,long beans salad,steamed rice and three kind of sambal

145k (df) (gf)

Nasi Goreng Sridha

Special fried rice served with chicken satay, grilled prawn, fried egg, prawn Crackers, peanut sauce, sambal ulek and pickled vegetables

105K (df) (gf)



Balinese tradition of sharing meals thats symbolize togetherness and equality Enjoy 3 different types of sambal Appetizers,soup,7 course of main dishes and plus balinese dessert

275k/person (df) (gf)

Main Course From the Ocean

Jimbaran Lobster

Potato gratin,seasonal vegetables,mushroom and lobster cream sauce



Pan Seared Barramundi,seasonal vegetables,Prawn mushroom Tortellini , pumpkin veloute sauce and green herbs oil


Jumbo Prawn

Grilled prawn,new baby potatoes,ratatouilles,and and garlic wine butter sauce



Pan seared tasmanian salmon fillet ,potato mousseline, mushroom ,spinach,baby carrot and dill cream sauce

215k (gf)

Main Course From the Land

Beef Striploin 200 Gr

Angus beef,Green peas puree, baby carrot, roasted onion,zucchini,leek and red wine sauce



Cauliflower puree, grilled baby carrot, tomato cherry,asparagus , enoki mushroom, and red wine sauce


Beef Tenderloin 200 Gr

Kilcoy blue diamond beef ,Potato mousseline,shimeji mushroom,Confit tomato cherry,seasonal vegetables and Black pepper sauce


Organic Chicken confit

Organic Chicken, truffle purple sweet potato, Orange gel, Caramelized baby carrot, English spinach and meat ju coconut cream


Chicken Saltimbocca

Chicken rolled,smoked beef ham,basil,chicken tortellini braised leek,baby carrot and meat ju


Duck Breast

Pan seared and roasted duck breast,potato gnocchi,beetroot gel,shimeji mushroom,spinach and blueberry wine sauce


Lamb Rack

Roasted lamb rack ,potato mousseline,spinach,ratatouille and rosemary meat ju


Sandwiches & Burger

Peppered Steak Wrap

All-natural flour tortilla with chargrilled beef steak, red onion, Tomato, shredded lettuce, cucumber and Thai dressing


Vegetable Wrapped Sandwich

All-natural flour tortilla with roasted mixed vegetables, arugula, cheese, Basil pesto and plain yogurt

105k (vg)

Chicken Burger

Herbs chicken patties, slice tomato,coleslaw ,red onion,lettuce and cheddar cheese


Club Sandwich

Grilled Chicken, beef bacon, Tomato, Onion, Avocado, mustard mayonnaise, fried egg and lettuce


Snapper Stack

Thin cut grilled fillet of snapper on sourdough with Smoked paprika aioli, lettuce, Pickled, tomato, and red onion


Beef Burger

Black angus beef patties,brioche bun with cheddar cheese and caramelized onion



Linguine Napolitana

Linguine pasta toasted with tomato fondue, parmesan shaved, and garlic bread

115k (Vg)

Spaghetti Prawn Aglio Olio

Prawn, garlic, red chili, black olive, wild arugula and parmesan shaved and garlic bread


Spinach and Mushroom ravioli

Homemade pasta,Spinach,Mushroom and Cream sauce

125k (vg)

Spaghetti Carbonara

Smoked Beef bacon, garlic, onion, mushroom, and cream sauce, parmesan shaved,and garlic bread


Penne Beef Bolognese

Beef cooked bolognese style with vegetables and tomato,tossed with penne pasta and Parmigiano and garlic bread


Mini Bites

Barbeque Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings drumstick toasted with barbeque sauce

85k (df)

Chicken Croquette

Fried Breaded chicken balls with garlic aioli


Crispy Calamari

Fried calamari, toasted with Balinese ginger flower relish, kemangi leaf and kaffir lime Leaf

95k (df)

Vegetables Spring Rolls

Roll of pastry filled with mixed vegetables served with sweet chili sauce

75k (vg) (df)

Thai Vegetable Curry Samosa

Bamboo Shoot, green curry paste and sweet chili sauce

75k (vg)(df)

Sweet Temptations

Chocolate Fondant

Strawberry coulis, caramel sauce, vanilla bean sauce, cinnamon crumble,vanilla gelato

85k (vg)

Opera Chocolate Cake

Caramel sauce, vanilla bean sauce, edible soil and vanilla gelato

85k (vg)

Tape Cheese Cake

Cassava, cream cheese, strawberry coulis, blueberry compote, edible soil, chocolate sauce and vanilla gelato

85k (vg)

Carrot cake

Cream cheese,vanilla sauce,strawberry coulis,and mango sorbet

85k (vg)(n)

Scoop gelato

Choice of : Vanilla,Chocolate and Strawberry

29k (vg)

Apple Pie

Butterscotch sauce,cinnamon crumble and vanilla gelato

85k (vg)