About Balinese Ngerupuk & Ogoh Ceremony and Traditional Cuisines You Can Enjoy

IMG-About Balinese Ngerupuk & Ogoh Ceremony and Traditional Cuisines You Can Enjoy

Festive lovers must visit Bali to watch and enjoy the Ngerupuk & Ogoh Ceremony. Balinese celebrate this ceremony a day before Nyepi. The information below will give you more understanding of these traditional events. The information helps you to know the meaning of, the culinary, ornaments, and other things related to the events. 

About Ngerupuk and Ogoh-Ogoh Events 

Ngerupuk and Ogoh-Ogoh are two events that are celebrated a day before Nyepi. Balinese are about to do this event in the evening after the Mecaru ceremony. You will see the replica of giant monsters known as Buta Kala. In Bali, Buta Kala is the representation of bad things and evils. 

During this ceremony, Balinese people will parade Buta Kala replicas along the villages. They will also bring torches, clacking, and Nasi Tawur (Tawur rice). People will explore all houses in the village to spread Tawur rice, clean the surroundings using the torch, and create noisy sounds with the clacking. 

At the end of the ceremony, people will burn the giant Ogoh-Ogoh. It represents that they have defeated the bad things and evils. The village is clean now and they are ready to celebrate Nyepi.

Tawur Rice in Ngerupuk and Ogoh-Ogoh Event

Tawur Rice is one of the interesting things that will make you curious in the Ngerupuk & Ogoh Ceremony. As a foreigner, you may want to know what kind of rice it is and even the taste, right? Just like its name, Nasi Tawur is made of rice, along with condiments. 

The difference between this rice and ordinary rice is the mixture. You will see an additional ingredient in Tawur rice. This additional ingredient is sweet potato. Balinese will chop the sweet potato into a small piece and mix it in the rice. 

They often serve this meal with Balinese Sambal Matah and a small fish known as Teri. It can be a new flavor sensation for you, isn’t it? You may not get it at the event because they use this rice for the ceremony. The good news is that you can still taste Tawur rice and other condiments on this menu. 

The Right Place to Taste Tawur Rice and Other Condiments in Bali 

Traditional food and beverages are some of the most interesting things you must try when visiting Bali. You will get a unique and exotic flavor sensation you may not have tasted before. One thing is for sure, you must know the best place for authentic Balinese meals and drinks, such as Tawur rice, Sambal Matah, and others. 

We will recommend you go to Shrida Ubud. This restaurant serves a variety of Balinese menus which is cooked by a professional chef. Check the complete information, including booking a table and menu by visiting www.shridaubud.com

The Reasons Why You Have to Visit Shrida Ubud Before or After Ngerupuk and Ogoh Ceremony 

There are so many reasons why you must visit Shrida Ubud Restaurant with family members or friends before or after the Ngerupuk and Ogoh-Ogoh Ceremony.  

Shrida Ubud Restaurant Serves Authentic Balinese Menus 

The first reason to visit Shrida Ubud Restaurant is because this Restaurant serves authentic Balinese menus. You can taste the authentic flavor of Balinese Sambal Matah in this restaurant. They even have other sambals that you must try when eating in this restaurant. 

It is also a great opportunity for you to bring your family members or friends to taste the delicious Balinese sharing meals and meals specific for Balinese ceremonies. At least, you have a better overview of the menu Balinese serves in the ceremonies, including on Ngerupuk and Ogoh-Ogoh Ceremony. 

Shira Ubud Restaurant Offers a Comfortable Place to Eat 

You will feel comfort once you enter Shrida Ubud Restaurant. The owner of this restaurant designs this place with local accents, such as koi ponds, Balinese decorations, and exotic plants. Imagine how relaxing it is when you are enjoying meals and drinks in an area with this ambiance! 

Shrida Ubud Restaurant Has an Expert Local Chef

A local Balinese chef is one of the reasons why Shrida Ubud Restaurant can serve authentic menus. The chef of this restaurant is from Klungkung. Yet, this person has an impressive experience in French and Mediterranean cuisine. 

As a result, you will taste the unique flavors on Balinese traditional menus, along with a stunning presentation. Indeed, the beautiful presentation will make you more curious, and can’t wait to enjoy the menu.   

Shrida Ubud Restaurant Uses High-Quality Ingredients 

The delicious taste of the menus at Shrida Ubud Restaurant also comes from the high-quality ingredients. Some of the ingredients are taken from the local Balinese farmers. 

So, don’t miss the Ngerupuk & Ogoh Ceremony in Bali. Ensure that you have prepared everything before visiting Bali and watching this traditional ceremony. One of them is booking a table at Shrida Ubud Restaurant to ensure that you have a pleasant place to eat. Just call 085 175 469 700 or visit the restaurant at Jalan Bisma, Ubud Gianyar to reserve a table. 

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